June 24, 1998

Apogee/3D Realms & Windows 98

As I'm sure you already know, Windows98 is set to be in the stores tomorrow. Putting aside the DOJ talk about Microsoft for a minute, I wanted to answer a few questions about our titles in advance on Windows98.

We have only one native windows game, that being Balls of Steel, and that has been tested on Windows98, and it runs just fine. Of our three games under development, all are Windows native game, and are currently geared towards Win95/98. Final release info (and NT compatibility) will come later when the games are closer to release.

Our older DOS games will generally run under Windows98 with the same kind of restrictions that they had on Windows95, which is.. "It will run if your system is powerful enough and it's configured correctly". We do have info online about creating multi-boot configurations for Windows95 here. You might want to take a read, it can be useful when dealing with problematic computers, Windows95, and MS-DOS games.

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