July 3, 1998

Lon Matero's Apogee Pages Overhauled

Lon Matero (long time Apogee fan) has overhauled his web pages. His is one of the older Apogee related sites on the web. He used to run an Apogee/3D Realms news related site, but with the recent rise of other such sites, he (unfortunately) took his own site down.

Anyway, his page is back, redesigned with a new look. His new focus will be on one classic Apogee game every couple of weeks or so, and he launches his site with our 1992 classic, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure. Click on the logo here to be taken to his site.

See Lon? I told you I'd get the Apogee logo back on the front page of the site eventually.

In other Apogee site news, I just happened across a new site devoted to us and our games entitled "The Apogee Temple". This is a relatively new site (at least to me it is). Chris Ivarson runs this - make sure to check this out as well, there's some really nice sections on Commander Keen & Dopefish. :) Click on the logo to go there.

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