August 10, 1998

Duke Nukem Movie

3D Portal has a link up to an article over on PC Gamer Online where they talk about movie versions of video games. In the article, they speak highly of the forthcoming Duke Nukem movie (no, no actor has been cast yet - when there is one, we will let you know here). Here's a tidbit where they speak of 3D Realms and Threshold...

Threshold seems to be heading in the right direction, though, by working closely with Duke's creators at 3D Realms and treating them as collaborators, not just licensors. Again, it's not uncommon for a movie company to shut out the game guys and become deaf to their attempts at input once the deal is signed -- what do they know about movie-making, after all? But in the case of Duke and 3D Realms, the guys who signed the license deal are the same guys who created the character in the first place, and when it comes to deciding how Duke should talk and act when he's up there on the movie screen, not to listen to his creators would be suicide. Props to Threshold, and to 3D Realms, for what looks like one of the more forward-thinking, collaborative game-to-movie efforts currently in production.

In other Duke Nukem Forever news, has a preview of Duke Nukem Forever online. There's really nothing new in the article, but it's still worth a look.

NOTE: Link removed Aug 2006 due to it not existing anymore.

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