August 31, 1998

Duke Poker Chips & More

George Broussard ordered some in house items for the 3D Realms poker games played at his house. These are real size, real weight Duke Nukem casino chips. The only differences between these and real casino chips are that these have Duke all over them, and they aren't valid in a real casino. :) These chips are an in-house only item, but we thought you'd like to see some pictures of them. The sides of the chips all say "Hail the the King Baby" around them. Being a Duke item, it of course kicks ass. It's amazing how "real" these things feel.

Additionally, the new action figures have arrived at 3D Realms, which means if you ordered them, yours can't be far behind! This new series includes the three enemy figures, as well as the "Night Strike Duke" figure. We'll be posting some shots of these new figures tomorrow, so check back here! Here are shots of the poker chips... Look for the new action figure shots tomorrow.

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