October 20, 1998

Time to Review

Gamespot UK has posted a review of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill as the final item of their "Duke Week". They give the game a great review, here's some of what they said (make sure to check out the full review over on their site):

* Time to Kill is a very new take on the Duke form, by blending the exciting over-the-top weaponry, ludicrous enemies with the beefcake smart mouth hero and the ideas from third person shooters - this is no poor conversion of a PC classic.
* The developers, nSpace, haven't ignored one of the core fun elements of the PC Duke Nukem and that's multiplayer.
* The tasteless and outrageous are all around: strippers, innuendoes and wisecracks. It's the hallmark of Duke Nukem and Time to Kill is happily no exception. Lara would blush but Duke would say, 'Shake it baby!'

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