November 6, 1998

More Zero Hour

Following up on yesterday's Zero Hour preview, we got word (from Doug Howell) that there was a preview of Duke Nukem: Zero Hour published on's site on Nov 2nd. Here's a bit of what they had to say from their full preview:

* Even if you've seen the movies Evil Dead 2 and They Live a hundred times and know all his lines backwards and forwards, there's still a certain irresistible charm to 3D Realms' trash-talking Schwarzeneggarian hero, Duke Nukem.
* On the graphical front, all the characters will be composed of polygonal models instead of the old Duke Nukem 3D sprites, and the game will feature colored fog, Gouraud shading, and all the other bells and whistles you've come to expect on the Nintendo 64 (possibly even boosted into high-res mode through the N64 RAM Pak).
* An intriguing package overall to be sure, made more so by the fact that the developers will hopefully have been able to learn from their previous efforts on the N64....

Make sure to check out this preview today, as it has a lot of screenshots (their page says there are 49 of them)!

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