December 28, 1998

Duke Nukem Zero Hour Preview

Silent News has a new question and answer session with Eurocom, the makers of the newest Duke console title, "Duke Nukem: Zero Hour". Zero Hour is an original game for the Nintendo 64. Following this year's PSX-only game, "Duke Nukem: Time to Kill", Zero Hour will also be exclusive to that platform (there will be no PC version of the game). Here's some of what was said about Zero Hour in the Q&A session:

Silent News: How many levels/stages does the game currently have? Eurocom: Currently there are 20 single player and 8 multi-player only levels.

Silent News: What weapons does Zero Hour have? Any new ones?
Eurocom: There are too many weapons to describe here - over 25 in total. There are several which are specific to a time periods, such a Volt-Cannon in the Victorian levels.

Silent News: What makes Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (different than) Duke Nukem: A Time to Kill for PlayStation?
Eurocom: They are both cool games, but aside from the time travel story they are completely different. Duke ZH has totally unique level design, art, animation, gameplay style and audio.

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