February 3, 1999

New Max Payne Stuff

Max Screenshots: The Official Max Payne Web Site has some new screenshots online - make sure to visit the site to see them! These screenshots are not totally new, they've been floating around in a few places before, but they're online on the Max Payne Web site for the first time.

The Preview: This one is by gamelinks, and was written by Nick Hone. Here's a bit of what Nick had to say about Max Payne.

From observation of the screen shots I've got my paws on , the inclusion of colored lighting is tastefully implemented and not gaudy. The best part of the lighting however, is the radiosity method used to render it. This provides for true lighting and shadows. The texture art also looks to be realistically done. Good texture art adds tremendously to the beliveability of a game.

For more information about Max Payne, check out the Official Max Payne Web site today!

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