June 18, 1999

Max Payne Video Released

The eagerly awaited 1999 Max Payne E3 Video has been released! Last year, 3D Realms had a full entourage at E3, but this year, only a handful of 3D Realms people were there. One of the big features there was Max Payne, and now you can see what folks at E3 saw - the floor video!

Showing off the graphic style and flavor of Max Payne, you're sure to love this video. You can download this file today over at the Official Max Payne Site. You can download it either as the original large file, or a smaller version that we created in the RealMedia format.

Also, the gaming news site GA-Source has posted their impressions of this video, and here's a bit of what they had to say..

Max Payne can performing the coolest moves I have even seen in any 3rd person game, including Raven's Heretic II. From the standard crouch to the "John Woo-style" sideways jump while shooting both guns to falling backwards then flipping back up in karate style. Max Payne can perform moves that other game characters have only dreamed about.

GA-Source had a lot more to say too, so make sure to check out their site for their remarks on the '99 Max Payne E3 Video.

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