July 6, 1999

Max Gets a Quickie

We have a few things for you in the way of Max Payne coverage. Check out this stuff...

Petri J�rvilehto Interview - Petri is the Max Payne project lead, and he was interviewed recently by the "Before it's done" gaming news web site. Petri talks about the game story, the game engine, and several other Max Payne related items. Here's a tidbit of what Petri has to say about Max Payne..

* Q: How many weapons will there be in the game? If there is a melee weapon, what is it?
A: We're not releasing exact weapons specs (we don't want to spoil the experince by telling all the details beforehand). There is a melee weapon, and it's something that fits the storyline well.

* Q: How far into the game's development are you?
A: We're not on the final run yet, but the game engine is now robust, and the bulk of the environments is now done... we still need to spend some time working on the technology, and soon we get to play around with all the fun gameplay stuff.

Make sure and check
out all
of what Petri has to say today! (Thanks Greg Miller)

A Max Payne Quickie - 3DGN has the latest Max Payne preview online. Entitled "A Max Payne quickie", this covers information that's already out there on the game. There's not a whole lot new in this "quickie", but you should still check it out, as it does summarise several things nicely. And there's a really cool header graphic that's worth checking out. Here's a bit of what they have to say about it.

* While dealing healthy doses of lead poisoning to anything that moves, the action will be seen by you through the standard behind and about 3/4 up view.

* This game will blow you away like a drunk intern at a presidential dinner.

Go get your quickie today! (Thanks Richard Stutz)

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