August 9, 1999

Duke Nukem: Music to Score By

As some of you may have noticed when buying Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, it talked about a "Duke Nukem soundtrack" entitled "Duke Nukem: Music to Score By". We've had a bunch of questions about this since TTK was released, but we can finally give you some information about it.

The CD is due to be released on August 24th, and is coming out on Red Ink Records. There's several tracks on here that folks will find interesting, here's a complete track listing from the CD.

1. Duke Nukem Theme - Megadeth (previously unreleased)
2. Cinnamon Girl - Type O Negative (previously unreleased in U.S.)
3. What U See Is What U Get - Xzbit
4. Blisters - Coal Chamber (previously unreleased in U.S.)
5. Bitch - Sevendust
6. Song 10 - Zebrahead
7. The Thing I Hate - Stabbing Westward
8. It's Yourz - Wu-Tang Clan
9. Screaming From The Sky - Slayer
10. New World Order - Megadeth (previously unreleased)
11. Stone Crazy - The Beatnuts
12. Land Of The Free Disease - Corrosion Of Conformity (previously unreleased)

The one song that the most people have inquired about is the first one, the Duke Nukem Theme as recorded by Megadeth. This theme was originally slated to be on Megadeth's new album, Risk (due out August 31st), but a check of the track listing there does not show it as being on their album.

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