January 3, 2000

Interview with Scott & George

Gamespot has an article up now entitled "Millennium Gaming: 20 Gaming Visionaries Usher in the Next Millennium of Gaming". Long title, but it's a great article. It was done by our good friend Geoff Keighley - several major players in the gaming industry are interviewed about where they thing gaming is going starting in the new century. Our own Scott Miller & George Broussard have been interviewed, here's a bit of what they had to say:

Q: Do you think the gaming industry is underestimating one aspect of interactive entertainment that will take us all by surprise in the early 21st century?

A: (George) There are too many investors/publishers/developers spending "stupid money" to develop games that are simply no fun to play. It's beyond me. And it's sad to watch all that effort and money go down the drain in a day of comments on gaming newsgroups.

Q: Far too often, our industry doesn't do enough to highlight up and coming designers and those who tirelessly work behind the scenes to bring games to life. Is there one person you think deserves more recognition?

A: (Scott) I think Todd Replogle went unrecognized by our industry. He was the primary game programmer of the first three Duke Nukem games, including Duke Nukem 3D. He's now retired. Todd had a design sense for doing the impossible, and he was the fastest coder I know, but not the best or the cleanest. He simply got things done and did them fast and often implemented brilliant features. I also must throw long overdue recognition at Allen Blum, who's also been involved with Apogee since 1991, having worked on each Duke Nukem game, including Duke Nukem Forever. Allen is a coder and a level designer on par with the best in the industry and probably more creative than most.

There is a lot lot more in this article - I urge you to check it out - it gives a great insight into Scott, George, how they perceive themselves, the gaming industry, and where we're going from here. Check it out today (if you haven't already done so).

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