October 5, 2000

Duke is Tops & Bottom

Daily Radar is running two short pieces that are rather funny. They're the "10 Best DressedVideo Game Characters of all time", and of course the 10 Worst Dressed. Surprisingly enough, Duke Nukem made both lists at #4!

On the 10 Best Dressed list, he made it with these comments: No matter how hot it might get in a gun fight, Duke will stay cool in his spandex tank top and lightweight ammo straps. With such a defined figure, why hide it?! Or, as they say in certain areas of town, "if you've got it, flaunt it!"

On the 10 Worst Dressed list, he made it again with these remarks: Duke proves there's a fine line between success and failure in fashion (he grabbed a spot on the 10 Best Videogame Character list). This scene begs two important questions: 1) Do you really need sunglasses in outer space? And 2) Don't you need a helmet and oxygen tank?

This is a pretty silly little piece, but is still rather cool. Check it out today!

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