May 10, 2001

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Info

Today, we bring you some small information regarding the title, "Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project". This is a game being developed by Sunstorm Interactive (who created a number of Duke Nukem 3D add-on packs several years ago) and published by ARUSH Entertainment. The information comes in the form of an interview with Jim Perkins of ARush by Here's a little from the interview:

Stomped: How involved is 3D Realms in the creation of the game?

Perkins: 3D Realms is as you can imagine, very protective of Duke, so they are in on the approval process from start to finish. I can't speak for them, but 3D Realms seems very excited about the Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project concept, the game's look and feel, and the environment...they approve of and, I believe, are impressed with the game.

Stomped: What weapons and enemies will be featured and will we see some old Duke favorites in these categories?

Perkins: It's a little early to go into this---there will be new weapons and enemies but many favorites will return. We are keeping this game in the true Duke Nukem spirit so enemies, weapons and ,most importantly, attitude will be very familiar to Duke fans.

There's more to this interview with Jim, so make sure to check it out over at Stomped.

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