May 25, 2001

Interview with George Broussard

With the Duke Nukem Forever video making such a splash at E3, George has come out of his self imposed news blackout for a minute to give a short interview to Voodoo Extreme. The interview was mostly about things in the E3 video itself. Here's a small tidbit..

VE - I couldn't help but notice that we don't actually see Duke himself in the DNF footage. Why did you decide not to show his DNF look in the game?

GB - He's not modeled yet. In any case I don't think we would have used him. We didn't really want Duke in the video as the whole thing was from his perspective. We even opted not to include any voice clips from Duke. We liked the idea that the video was strong enough to stand on it's own, without Duke. Besides you do see his hands in a few places.

This is the first time George has spoken out about Duke Nukem Forever in some time, and is likely to be the last for some time, too. Check out the whole interview here. Also, if by some chance you haven't downloaded the Duke Nukem Forever trailer video yet, visit our downloads page for the links.

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