May 29, 2001

More Max Payne E3 Coverage

Over the holiday weekend, there were several more places that gave Max Payne some love. Check 'em out:

*Gamespot, saying "it promises to become one of the PC's most violent, most stylish action games to date".

*IGN Action Vault, saying "Intended for a mature audience, Max Payne features a gritty atmosphere and intense plot elements while exhibiting influences from a number of sources, most notably John Woo and The Matrix films as well as comic books."

*Firing Squad?, saying "I caught all the past screenshots, and of course I watched the teaser trailer movies several times, but none of that sufficiently prepared me for what I was about to see."

*PC Zone UK, saying "Remedy, I'm glad to say, rock."

*Gamesmania, saying "As you might expect, graphics are stunning."

Even MSNBC ran a photo of Max Payne as a lead-in to a story they did on Nintendo.

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