August 14, 2001

Max Payne: Bring on the Mods

Amer over at Gamespot has written a news article entitled "Max Payne: Bring on the Mods". In it he talks about his desire to see some specific types of mods created, and talks about how some of the best things to happen to games are user mods. Check this out:

So Max Payne is finally out, and I for one couldn't be happier. It's been a very long time since an action game, arguably the most straightforward of all PC genres, has been so polished, so innovative, and to put it quite simply, so much damn fun to play.

I sincerely hope that the editing tools included with the game are embraced by the mod-making community.

Check out what Amer has to say about Max Payne mods in this article.

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