September 17, 2001

Max Payne Screenshot Contest

We've decided to run a Max Payne screenshot contest! We want you to send in your best Max Payne screenshots in the following categories:

1. Action -- Looking for a shot that shows cool action, maybe a gunfight or an explosion, etc. This shot might show slow motion action, and might include bullets caught in flight (either from Max's weapon, or heading toward Max, or both).

2. Cool moves -- This show shows Max and/or other characters involved in a John Woo-style move, evading danger or upholding the law with lead teeth.

3. Humor -- This is a shot that is in some way funny or unexpected. We'll leave it at that!

We'll have three winners in three categories. Each winner gets a T-shirt, and strategy guide and a collectable game box signed by the entire Remedy team.

Every person can submit only one screen shot per category, for a total maximum of three screen shots - Please do not resubmit saying "Please use this one over the other one I sent" - make sure your best shot is sent in first, as multiple submissions will be rejected. Also, do not edit the shots in any way - the point here is to come up with good Max Payne screenshots, not to see how good you are with Photoshop or some other editing tool.

The shots will be judged by Remedy and 3D Realms, who'll pick the winners. Each category will have a unique winner (a single person cannot win in more than one category). The winners will be announced in the first week of October, and the prizes will then be sent out ASAP. You can send in your submissions to [email protected] If you are sending in more than one at a time, please zip them up to make sorting easier on this end. You can also put them online somewhere, and send in an email link to the screenshot(s).

This contest is open to anyone, and will close on September 30th.

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