November 10, 2001

Max Payne Daily Review

Gone Gold

Rating: 96%

A sign of the great writing is how quickly and easily we accept Max as an extension of ourselves. His dialogue and narration is picture perfect, from the pop-culture references to the wonderful Sam Spade mannerisms. All he has suffered is so expertly woven into the narrative that players will feel very much like they are part of the story. Max is an amazingly well developed character, a tormented, furious monstrosity who is totally out of touch with the man he used to be.

Max Payne has attention to detail the likes of which we've never seen before. You're not going to see repetitive tiles or texture maps here; the city is uniquely detailed throughout. Better still, Max can interact with his environment - turning water taps on, blowing away obstructions, and so forth. Everything seems original, right down to the graffiti on the walls.

This is a spectacular game, well deserving of the accolades it's been getting.

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