January 15, 2002

Max Payne Daily Review

Armchair Empire

Rating: 91%

Max Payne (MP) attempts to take gaming to a more mature, sophisticated level. Granted, there�s a lot of twitchy gunplay but there�s a definite story propelling everything along. It all starts off darkly with the wholesale slaughter of Max�s wife and baby. The events that follow resemble a bunch of contortionists playing Twister � you never know what�s going to happen next even though you know the eventual outcome.

MP is the game that has come closest to achieving that action movie feel � like you�re playing in a movie. Aside from the plot, the meat and potatoes is the unending action. (Even with all this action there is humor at many turns. One of my all time favorite gaming moments comes from MP.)

There�s been much said about the length of the game � namely, it�s too short. I beg to differ. MP is shooting for that action movie feel and what action movie runs 20 hours? Max Payne will surely spawn a number of clones. It�s slick, entertaining, and fun to watch � just like any good action movie. I recommend it, especially for John Woo, Matrix fans, and those that want a mouse pad that comes with a game!

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