January 11, 2002

Max Payne Daily Review

Wrestlecar PC

Rating: 97%

Every so often a game comes around of such magnitude, such brilliance, that it changes the PC gaming community as a whole. Developed by Remedy Games and Published by Gathering of Developers and 3DRealms, Max Payne is the most brilliant game since Half-Life, and that is a very hefty achievement. Never before has a game provoked such emotion in a character. Many games advertise to put you into the setting of a movie, but Max Payne actually accomplishes it. This game is one of the best of the best, and it is damn fun to play as well.

Never before have I become so compelled to play a game, and complete it again and again. Although its overall storyline is short, it does an excellent job of portraying a character's personality, and placing you in the scene of a Hollywood movie. This storyline is so cunning and clever that Dimension Films have purchased the rights, and are planning on releasing a movie of Max Payne in the future.

Max Payne delivers a graphics package that is second to none. Everything can be destroyed; vehicles, furniture, and everything in between. The character motion and appearances are photo realistic, and Max Payne includes outstanding cinematic effects.

The gameplay in Max Payne is outstanding, bar none. This is the absolute best third-person shooter I have ever played, and that is simply an understatement. Bullet-time makes this section of the game, and is something that sets Max Payne well ahead of other titles.

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