January 20, 2003

Duke Nukem Advance is Best FPS

Well, according to the editors and readers over at IGN it is. Duke Nukem: Advance was recently voted both "Best GBA FPS of 2002" by both the IGN staff, as well as the readers. Here's what IGN had to say about it:

It was a while in the making, but Take 2 finally released Duke Nukem Advance in the summer of 2002...and it was good. Really good. It brought back the classic shooting action of 3D Realms' Duke Nukem 3D PC design, all the while throwing in missions and storyline unique to the GBA game. Come get some.

If you've never checked out Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, you can check out some information we have on the game here on our Duke Nukem Advance pages, or you can order yourself a copy of the game from Amazon.com, as well!

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