August 15, 2003

One More Max Payne 2 Preview

The Max Payne 2 reviews are flowing.. Here's another one from Total Videogames. Let's get right to their quotes...

* 'The Fall of Max Payne' will feature even more, bigger and better textures throughout. Remedy have gone out in New York getting source material to make their digital representation of the rotten core of the Big Apple even more accurate.

* Max will not be fighting on his own the whole time, at certain points he will have comrades fighting alongside him, although this may not be because they're Max's bestest buddy, it's probably necessity rather than choice.

* Characters faces are the most immediately obvious improvement...

* Remedy wants there to be a lot more action and no down time when actually playing the game

Make sure and check out TVG's Max Payne 2 review right here.

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