January 16, 2004

Max Payne Gameboy Advance Reviews

In December of 2003, Rockstar games released Max Payne 1 for the Game Boy Advance. This is a port of the original game that covers the action and plot of the first Max Payne pretty closely. If you have a Game Boy Advance, and like Max, you should probably check this out, as it's a good way to get your Max fix while away from your computer, or your game console. We have a few reviews today for you.

The first one comes from the February 2004 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine. Here's a bit of what they had to say:

* ... it looks much better on the GBA than you'd expect
* Gritty and unforgiving, Max will make your Game Boy bleed fun.
* The game offers an atmospheric experience unlike any other Game Boy Advance title.

The review gives it an 8 out of 10. To check out the rest of what they have to say, hit your local newsstands and look for the February 2004 issue of EGM magazine.

Next is a review from ign.com in which they had this to say about the game:

* Max Payne is a surprisingly awesome conversion that almost came out of nowhere.
* The Game Boy Advance version of Max Payne is an excellent title that brings a lot of new style gameplay to the handheld.
* Max Payne features as much carnage as a Paul Verhoven action flick

IGN gave it a 9 out of 10, awarding the game their "Editor's Choice" title. Make sure to head over to their site and read the review.

Third and finally today we have a review by noted Max Payne fan, Katherine Baskin. More commonly known as "The Baskinator" (whose name Remedy used as a hidden easter egg in Max Payne 2), Katherine had this to say about the game in her review titled "Payne in my Pocket"...

* The graphics are simply stunning.
* The graphics, music and even the controls are slick.
* And, possibly more important than anything, it�s finally given me, and many others, the chance to introduce Max Payne to a different gaggle of gamers: Nintendo fanatics.

If you own a Game Boy Advance, you should run to your local software store today and pick this up. You'll be glad you did. This editor also played the game in prep for writing this piece, and I have to say that the game was far better than I was anticipating as well. If you're a GBA fan, you'll enjoy this. You can also order a copy through Amazon.com by clicking here or on the box art shown above.

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