April 2, 2004

New Shadow Warrior Maps Available!

Bet you never thought you'd see a news story by us on Shadow Warrior again, did you? Well, we've got one. Recently, our own Charlie Wiederhold released some maps for Shadow Warrior that he's had lying around since around 1998 for an unreleased addon-pack called "Wanton Destruction". Well, Charlie's now released these levels for your registered version of Shadow Warrior. Here's what Charlie has to say about them:

These are the levels I made for Wanton Destruction, an addon for Shadow Warrior by Sunstorm that unfortunately never saw the light of day. The finished version had new sounds, art, anime girls, fortune cookie fortunes, and all sorts of other little things. I personally think it was the best build engine addon Sunstorm made, but that's life. I've tried to track down the entire version but nobody seems to have it anywhere. The airplane map in this set is in my top 3 favorite of all levels I've ever made and is largely responsible for 3D Realms contacting me in the first place to work on Duke Forever when a new mapping position was needed. I hope some of the Shadow Warrior fans can get a little bit of fun from them at least, which is why they were made in the first place. It always pained me that nobody ever had the chance to play them.

So these long dormant levels can now be yours. Of course, you need a registered version of Shadow Warrior, but if you have one, you finally have some more levels to try out in 2004!

You can download them from our site here, or from Charlie's site. Who wants song Wang?

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