September 14, 2004

Max Payne Fan Art Contest

Awhile back, we brought you the news of a Max Payne 2 mod contest where folks would send in their best submissions for Max Payne 2, and Remedy & Rockstar would judge them, and the winners would get some really nice prizes.

Rockstar is proud to announce that the winners of the Max Payne 2 Official Mod Contest have been selected. Our panel of judges from Remedy, Rockstar Games and Computer Gaming World have pored over a great many submissions and picked the cream of the crop. In the Best Original Mod category, the winner is Tommi Saalasti's "Battlefield Tactics 2". This creative mod gives the gameplay a turn-based strategy twist, opening up a whole new Max Payne experience. The winning entry for the Best New Dead Man Walking Level is "Bare Island" by Alexander Pippan. In "Bare Island", Max fights his enemies (and the clock) within the explosive and beautifully designed catacombs of Bare Island. Rounding up the winners list is a film called "Payne 2 the Max" by Rajarshi Nag and Amit Shetty which took our Best Real-Time Non-Interactive Movie (Machinima) category.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who entered!

Visit to experience them all for yourself.

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