October 30, 2007

Duke3D's Shrink Ray a Top 5 Weapon

Duke Nukem 3D's Shrink Ray FTW!

One of the coolest things that Duke Nukem 3D had going for it was it's arsenal of weapons. There were the usual shotgun, rocket launcher type things, you know - good ol' first person shooter staples. But Duke Nukem 3D didn't stop there, it went further with one of the more classic weapons ever in a game - the shrink ray. Basically, you'd fire it at an enemy, and he would shrink, at which point you could step on him like an ant. It was quite funny, and was later expanded in the Atomic Edition with an alternate fire mode to "expand" someone.

Anyway, the MSNBC website posted an article a few months back about their choices for Top 5 first person shooter weapons. We were just made aware of this, but wanted to point it out to folks. Here's what they had to say about the shrink ray:

Aliens have landed on Earth, determined to destroy all mankind. Luckily for us, Duke has an arsenal at his disposal, and he's willing to use it.

Out of all the weapons available in "Duke Nukem 3D," we love the Shrink Ray the most. Not just for what it does (shrink your enemies down to a few inches in height) but for what it allows us to do afterwards (step on them like a bug).

Getting to inflict a little extra insult to injury is what makes this weapon so special - because nothing humiliates a friend more than crushing them with your boot.

The other weapons they chose were the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, the chainsaw in Doom, the Railgun in Quake II, and the pistol from Halo. A pistol?

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