April 1, 2009

Duke Nukem 3D's Toilets Featured

One of the thing a lot of people remember about Duke Nukem 3D is a gag that turns up in the first level, that being an alien trooper sitting on the toilet when you open the door in the bathroom. Apparently the folks over at Crispy Gamer remember that too. Today they're launching the high class look back at games entitled "The World's Greatest Videogame Toilets". In this series, they plan on covering the 30 greatest toilets in videogames. They started the series with the toilet from Duke Nukem 3D, which you can see below. We checked, this is not an April Fools' joke from Crispy Gamer, they're apparently going to spend 30 days talking about potty humour. Here's what they said about Duke 3D:

For many gamers, Duke Nukem 3D represents the very first time we discovered a toilet in a videogame. I honestly can't recall seeing a toilet in a game prior to this. And you never forget your first time. The toilets you're about to see can be found inside the movie theater in the game's opening level. Yes, this was the age of sprites, so the game's urinals, while functioning, appear to be drawn onto the game's walls with an old, dried-out Sharpie. Warning: Brace yourself for the surprise behind Door No. 2.

They also have a video showing the toilet in action. You can check that out here.

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