Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Subpen 7 - Level 16

This level takes place in Zilla's submarine pens. You'll need to gather three key cards to complete this level. You will start out in the water right in front of a submarine. On top of the sub are some Ninjas that you should kill right away. When you jump onto the submarine, the doors to the left and right will open. Inside the first door to the left are enemies. Once you kill them, go into the room and get the shurikens. Then turn to left and go to a room with a bunch of stacked boxes in it and tanks by the boxes. Go in here and get the portable medkit, two Uzis, and clips. Go out of this room and back onto the sub and walk a little further until the door to the left opens. Once it opens stand back and shoot the tanks in the room to the left. There will be a big explosion in the room to the left, on the tank, and in the room to the right.

Picture: The blue first key card is the first card you'll retrieve.

Once the explosion has settled, go into the room to the right and get the blue key, toolkit, and Railgun rods. In the room to the left are health and shotgun shells. Now go back to where you started and go into the room with the blue key card door. Unlock it, and open it. There will be a Coolie in here and possibly more enemies. As you make the left turn in the hallway, there are some items you might need. There are medkits, goggles, and shurikens here. Open the next door and you'll see a bunch of barrels and large circular metal tanks or containers. If you do not blow up the barrels then you can jump onto the barrels and then on to the containers to get items. Go through the doorway leading to another room with large metal containers in it that is right beside the door you came in toward the southwest corner. Kill the Ninjas and the Guardian inside. Once you pass the containers, go to the left and go through the doorway where you will see a second submarine. On the top of the sub are a Ninja and nearby on top of a bunch of boxes are another Ninja or more enemies depending on your difficulty setting.

Picture: The yellow key card is exposed after the barrels are exploded.

Once you kill all the enemies, go to the end of the submarine and turn right to see a room with a ladder to the left and a bunch of tanks and barrels in it. Stand back and shoot them but make sure you are not too close so you don't get harmed during the explosion. After the explosions occur, go up the ladder in the room and get the yellow key card that is right beside the fire. On top of the boxes to the east is some armor. To the north in this room is a door. Open the door and get the Uzi clip, health, and Missile Launcher on and around the boxes. Get back onto the submarine and go back down to where the big containers are. Watch out because there is a spawned Sumo in here. Go back to the door you came in a while ago and in the large room with the barrels. On the other side of this room you will see a spotlight moving around on the floor. Do not get into the spotlight! If you do, you will get blasted by a rocket. Just before the spotlight is a crane hanging down. Right beside that is a ledge with a switch and console on it. Unlock the switch that takes the yellow key and then flip the switch.

Picture: The door only stays open a short time after you flip the switch.

When you flip the switch, it will open a door strait ahead that says "Restricted" above it. Hurry and run over and into the door and kill the two Guardians in here. Then go to the left at the bottom of the ramp. Go down the hallway and look to your left where you will see two open doorways. In here is a Ninja and possible other enemies. Go in and get Guardian Head, red key card, health, and smoke bomb. Go past the boxes and to your left behind them is a fortune cookie, and Uzi clips. To your right is a box of Sticky Bombs. Go back out the room and up the ramp. To your left on the boxes are a Riot Gun and a flash bomb. In the hallway to the north on the left is a gas bomb and to the right are missiles. Unlock the door that is locked with the red key and go in. Just before you get to the button that ends the level you will be transported into a cell. Walk forward and this will end the level.

Picture: The red key card is your passage to the exit.

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