Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Floating Fortress - Level 18

The next level in your mission is a very large level that takes place in a harbor that has a huge battleship ported that you must infiltrate. To do this, you will need to find three key cards.

When you begin this level, you find yourself in a dual machine gun boat and there are enemies firing on you. Press the space bar to enter the gun boat and use the machine guns to dispose of the attacking enemies. Ahead of you is a lock which is blocking your path while using the boat. Drive the boat over next to the small dock on your right and then jump out on top of it. Over toward the cliff, near the crates there is a switch which activates the lock door. Also, on top of the crates, there are shot gun shells and a Riot Gun. From where the Riot Gun is, you can make a running jump over across to the other ledge. Now go back into the gun boat and drive thru the opening and closing lock door. As you drive through, you'll see the huge battleship ahead of you and more enemies on the boat. Again use the boat's guns and take them out. Steer your boat around the back side of the battleship to your right and drive all the way around it. When you drive around the front of the ship, keep driving around as far as you can until the path between the ship and the wall is too narrow for you to go any further with your gun boat.

Picture: Swim into this opening under the battleship.

Now jump out the back side of the gunboat until you are about half way between the front of the battleship and your boat. Swim under the water and you'll see an opening under the bottom of the battleship. Surface into that opening and you'll rise into a flooded area with enemies inside. Shoot them all and gather the shotgun shells, fortune cookie and Grenade Launcher and proceed south to the next room. As you enter further into this room, the door will close behind you trapping you inside. Now you'll have to perform a series of maneuvers to open the door into the next room.

Picture: Activate the manual override switch and run for cover.

As you wade to the east, you'll see the top half of a switch sticking up above the flooded room. Use the switch and the pump will start running draining the flooded room ahead of you. Now wade over to the bobbing crate over in the southwest corner of the room and jump on top of it and onto the next crate above. As you walk forward, you'll see a red manual override switch. When you activate this switch, an explosion will occur shortly afterwards so you need to find a safe place from the blasts. After hitting the switch, go over by the partly exposed pump switch you threw and stay there until the explosions are over. Now you'll see that the gate barrier next to the pump is accessible. Jump up there and activate the switch and the door will open into the next room.

The switch to the next room is plainly there next to the left side of the door. When you open this door, a Serpent God is straight ahead in a small cell. There are also Ninjas on the crates on the sides of this room. When you open the door, don't enter the room. Stay close to the switch and first eliminate any Ninjas you can see. The door will open and then close after a short time. Use this door to shield yourself from all attacks. Now you should start firing at the Serpent God. Be careful if using any weapon that will explode in front of you if you mistime the closing of the door. After the Serpent God is eliminated, walk into the room and shoot any remaining enemies until this room is clear.

Picture: The Serpent God is guarding the red key card.

In the cell where the Serpent God is laying is a red key card you need to get. In order to get to this location, you need to jump on the bobbing crate to your right just as you enter this room and then onto the crate platform to the west. From here you can see another bobbing crate that is traveling toward you and then back to the south. Jump onto this crate and time another jump from it onto the cell where the red key card is located. Once you have the red key card, go back to the bobbing crate and onto the crate platform. There is a hatch in the west corner that has a Missile Launcher inside. Now walk over to the east where you will come across three switches. These switches need to be activated in the correct combination in order to open another switch to the right of them. The correct combination is the middle switch and the switch to the right of it. Now a blue switch is exposed. Turn on this switch and a whirlpool will begin in the water. This whirlpool is your exit from this room. Try to jump directly into the center of the whirlpool and then dive down and then swim to the surface.

Picture: This is the correct combination of the 3 switches.

You should surface somewhere near the back of the battleship. Make your way over between the ship and the huge dock until you come to a platform with a ladder leading upwards. Climb the ladder and fight off the enemies on the top. Now use the red key card to unlock the door next to it and open it.

The room inside of the door will have some Baby Rippers that you'll will have to destroy. Once this room is cleared of enemies you'll have to perform a complex set of maneuvers to open the next door. Just inside of the door, you'll notice three crates of increasing height. You can jump onto the first crate from the ground and from that crate to the next and so forth. On the ground to the north of the middle crate there is a hoist platform in the down position. On the other side of the beam to the north of the tallest crate you'll see the switch which activates this platform. Once you activate this switch, the platform raise up. You have only a short amount of time to accomplish a series of jumps to get to the switch which opens the next door. When you hit the switch, run over to the crates and jump from the lowest crate to the middle crate. Now turn to right, facing north and jump onto the platform. Next turn again to the right facing east and jump onto the crate ahead before the platform lowers. Once you are on this crate, jump once more to the next crate to the east and you'll see a blue switch which activates the door you need to go into next.

Picture: This switch activates the platform.

This door leads into a large storage room. Inside is a Shadow Ninja so you must prepare for his attack. This is probably a good time to save your game. Once you have defeated the Shadow Ninja, turn to the south wall and hit the switch there which will light up this room. There are a couple of events that will trigger the spawning of more enemies in this room. One of them is climbing on the forklift. The other is climbing on the broken turret. First jump onto the forklift and enter it. Use the forklift to run over the spawned enemies. Once these enemies are gone, drive the forklift in front of the tall crates on the east wall. Jump on top of one of the masts of the forklift and then jump on top of the crates and get the missiles and shotgun shells. You can see a toolkit on top of the crate on the south wall. Jump down onto this crate and grab it. Go to the crates that are blocking the next door on the east wall and activate the switch for the door. Now jump onto the turret and hit the space bar repairing it and entering it. Use the turret's Railgun to shoot the spawned Female Warriors. Once you have cleared these enemies, shoot the crates that are blocking the next door with the turret and destroy them. Jump out of the turret and walk up the ramp and draw any enemies there down into the large room. Again jump into the turret and use the turret's gun to eliminate them.

Picture: After you get the blue key card, watch out for warping Baby Rippers.

Walk back up the ramp into the room at the top. You'll see the blue key card straight ahead of you. You'll also see a transporter to the right of the key card. When you pick up the key card, enemies will transport into this room and attack you. Position yourself to shoot them as they enter the room through the transporter. Once the enemies stop warping in, it is safe to go back out through the red key card door you entered.

Now you must infiltrate the battleship. Make a running jump from the platform onto the ship. First secure the ship's topside by carefully walking around to the front and killing the Female Warriors on the bow. Work your way around the whole ship until it is secure. In the rear of the ship you'll see a stack of cargo crates. On the east side of the ship to the north of the crates is a ladder which leads to the blue key door. Use the key and enter the door.

Once inside you see a ladder leading up and to the right a ladder leading down. Climb the ladder leading up into the ship's control room. There will be enemies there to clear. Once this small area is clear, there is a Riot Gun in a hatch near the top of the ladder inside this room along with Uzi clips and a gas bomb near the front of the cabin. On the side where the gas bomb is, the battleship's guns can be controlled as well.

Picture: You can use the battleship's main gun.

Before you drop down the ladder leading down, you might want to save your game again because as soon as you drop down into the main part of the ship, you'll be attacked by a Brown Ripper. There will also be Baby Rippers here as well. Clear this area and hit the wall switch next to the ladder. Then walk past the TV monitor to the kitchen to the south. Be sure to go into the freezer in the kitchen and grab the fortune cookie to boost your health. There is also a dishwasher conveyer that has some shotgun shells hidden inside you may need.

Now walk back to the door next to the ladder and open it up and prepare to shoot all the enemies inside of this door. When you have done this, go to the medic room to the left and grab the medkits and fortune cookie inside. Now carefully walk north and watch for enemies. There is a locker room with showers to your right. Inside of the lockers are Railgun rods and shotgun shells. In the shower are grenades. There are also medkits between the showers and lockers.

Picture: The yellow key card is in the missile room.

Continue walking north through the hall. You'll come to a hatch on the right side that has a Missile Launcher in it and the bathroom is just past that hatch on the right as well. Continue down the hall until you reach a set of double doors. These are the doors that lead into the ships missile room. There will be Female Warriors guarding this room which you will need to dispose of. When the room is clear, go to the far north end of the room and open the hatch and grab the yellow key card. The phone in this room activates the missile making press which will produce missiles for your use.

Picture: Use the phone and press a few missiles while you are here.

When you walk out of this room, enemies will be waiting down the hall for you. Use your Missile Launcher with freshly pressed missiles and clear your path. Now walk down the hall and head to the right. Walk into the barracks and grab the armor in the chest as well as any other items you find. Continue walking down the hall until you reach another hall heading to your left. Ahead of you is the yellow key card door. Use the card and open the door.

You will drop down a ladder into a room and the door leading into a hallway will open and then close again. Kill any enemies before you proceed down the hall. There is also a hatch on the north wall that holds a Railgun and a transporter that is not functioning to the east. Now walk thru the door heading west and then open the next door into the ship's generator room. Watch for enemies and hit the power switch to the right of the generator viewing window.

Picture: Now that the power is restored, use the teleporter.

Now walk back out to the transporter which is now working. Walk thru the transporter and you'll warp into a room that has a switch near the window. Hit the switch and walk back thru the transporter. Now head back up the ladder and walk to the main hall and turn to your left. Hit the switch next to the door and the door will open into the kitchen area. Walk around the kitchen until you come to the ladder leading up and then turn to your left and open the blue key card door to the ship's topside. Walk over to the east side of the ship until you come to about where the ship's main gun is located. Turn to the east and dive down as quickly as you can to the bottom. You'll see an opening ahead of you. Swim for it quickly. You enter a strong current inside which will lead you out into the sea again. Quickly, swim up to the surface and get some air. To the southwest, you see a structure that is on fire. Swim to it and you'll enter the next level.

Picture: Swim quickly into the underwater shaft before you run out of air.

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