Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes

The sequel to the PlayStation hit "Duke Nukem: Time to Kill". One Man. One Mission. One Million Babes to Save. What better mission for Duke Nukem?

The Game Story

In the future, an alien race launches a large-scale invasion of Earth, quickly and easily wiping out all military opposition.  With the collapse of the government, the human population is swept into anarchy and terror.  The alien host then proceeds to systematically hunt down and destroy billions, wiping the human male population from the Earth and enslaving the few women who remain for their hybridization program.  During their vicious hunt, the aliens unleash every kind of devastation they can cause: tidal waves, global warming, radiation, earthquakes, volcanoes, El Nino, you name it.  Continents shift, the polar caps melt, and cities are reduced to rubble.  Even so, life endures and adapts.  Mother nature, hopped up on alien energies left behind by the war, reclaims the ruins of man's former empire.  The Earth is overrun with mutant creatures of astounding variety and terrible ferocity.

With humankind all but eliminated, the aliens retreat to their newly constructed spaceport known as the Den of Sin (DOS).  The DOS rapidly becomes a pleasure palace filled with slave women and 'adult' entertainment.  The station also becomes the central trading hub for one of the most hotly traded commodities in the universe, the human babe.  To maintain control over the withered Earth, the aliens create armies of simian hybrids to do their dirty work.  The apes are in charge of everything from slave augmentation centers to ravaging the Earth's few remaining resources.

Some of the enslaved women manage to escape the alien oppressors and go into hiding among the ruins.  As more escape, they join together for protection.  They are forced to teach themselves how to survive in this new, harsh world, which means adopting a military like organization.  As their forces grow stronger, they begin to call themselves the Unified Babe Resistance (UBR).  Soon, the UBR are strong enough to resist the alien garrisons though limited acts of terrorism, and reopen the Earth Defense Force Base. The UBR are able to get the base's old time machine up and running. The babes use the machine to locate the only hero to ever successfully fight off an alien invasion, Duke Nukem.  Getting word of the UBR's new found ability to go back in time, the aliens create a strike force headed by an ape named Silverback.  His mission: wipe out the UBR.

Meanwhile, in the near future: Sitting at a table at the Bootylicious, enjoying a bit of R&R, Duke is rudely interrupted...

Originally released Sep 27, 2000.

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However, if the guide isn't enough, you can also check out our online walkthrough for the game.  Be warned, though.  The walkthrough has major spoilers - and most likely will ruin most of the fun you will have with the game.

NOTE: This game was formerly called "Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes".

Land of the Babes Video

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Who is making Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes? 

Back Row (from left to right):

Paul 'soccer kicked my ass' Kelly, Randy King, Phil Gelber, Keith Spencer, Gene Rozenberg, Jody Hicks.

Middle Row (L to R):

David Austin, Larry Pacey, Rick Levins, Neil Milligan, Troy Jacobson.

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Andy Paciga, Dirk Jones, Leon Brown, Jessica Hicks.

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