Contest #238: August 11th to August 31st, 2006

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The winning entry was submitted by Ivan Mecking. It was:

'Alright, this is this seriously the last time we go Geocaching together, Angel. I wanted the Prey outfit!'

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. Come on my fellow forumers, only couple of mountains more to cross! We will find 3DR's new office, i can feel it in my bones! Oh yeah, remember to document when George and Joe come to greet us with open arms. (Janne Rautiainen)
  2. Unbeknown to the camerman, the awkward sitting position exposed his most intimate secret - Underoos." (Stephen Bartok)
  3. Hoping to ditch their image as misogynistic geek pervs and score some hot college babes, the guys have their picture taken spelling out E-R-A at a national park. (Ron Savarese)
  4. "I AM TUROK-ROK-ROk-Rok-rok. Oh, wait, wrong game." (Anael Ferraz de Carvalho)
  5. And here we see the Prey Super Trailer cast and crew making a few extra bucks by producing a "raising the bar" commercial for a popular cellular phone company. Sadly, due to the remote location, they were only able to get 3 bars instead of 5, making the shoot unusable for the client. (Mark Schneider)
  6. In an effort to appease the "Pythagorean" god, the team assembles itself as a right triangle. (Kendal Smith)
  7. I stole John Romero's hair and all i got was a photoshoot in some lousy canyon (G-Per)
  8. "You can really see where the budget went for this shoot" (yes... the leather jacket. groovy.) (Andrei Vassiliev)
  9. We finally found the final resting place for all those Xenophage copies. Someone call George." (Anael Ferraz de Carvalho)

In reality, this is Angel Huezo standing in as "Tommy" during the shooting of the Prey Super Trailer.