Contest #239: September 1st to September 21st, 2006

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The winning entry was submitted by John White. It was:

"Come to E3 - Even nerds like this guy gets to cop a feel from real live girls!"

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. Joe misread the sign in the background as "Promised Land"... It actually says "Promised Lot"! (Bill Goodhead)
  2. It took two weeks before Joe's smile wore off. (John White)
  3. Joe quickly figured out why the rates for renting the RV's were hourly. (Stephen Bartok)
  4. It's good to be a geek god. (Patrick Buhrs)
  5. "Maybe I didn't get a kiss from her that day but at least I felt her breast on me, sucka!" (Jonathan Ouimet-Major)
  6. After the rescue off the island, Mary Ann changed very little. The same cannot be said for the skipper, who now perfers to be called 'the gangsta'. (Mark Schneider)
  7. Much to his delight, another booth-babe misreads Joe's press pass and exposes her breasts. (Al Hunt)

 In reality, this is Joe Siegler with Jeanette Papineau at the Gathering of Developers lot during E3 2001.