Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Death Row
Episode 1, Level 3

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Death Row starts off differently than all the other levels.  To follow up the "story" from the end of the previous level, you start the level in an electric chair.   The pig cops are trying to kill you.  If you don't move, you'll eventually get zapped, and will respawn in the same spot to get killed over and over again (in a bit of a Captain Jack moment).  Anyway, in addition to being in the electric chair, any weapons you had from the previous level are no longer in your possession - you have none at the start of this level (except your foot).   You're not strapped to the chair, so you can get off it at any time.  Doing so will reveal a control room to the right where pig cop is stationed.   You will have to take him out before you can progress further.  If you're fast enough, there is a pistol in this room behind a wall panel you can use.  Additionally, when you go into this room another pig cop will spawn outside of the room, so if you're low on health, look out.

After you've dealt with the two pig cops, there are a couple of buttons in this room you can press.   The one on the left will lower the electric chair, revealing an area with a shotgun you can get as a weapon.  The other switch opens the curtains to the viewing area where several pig cops and lizard troopers are.  You will need to dispose of them.   Once you do that, go grab the medkit that is there, you will likely need it by now.  There is also a pig cop sitting in the middle of the hallway behind the viewing area.  Take him out, and there is a room to your left on the hallway.  There is nothing in that room you need to finish the level, so we will skip it here (although there are some secrets in there we will get to later).   If you keep going down the hallway, it turns to the right where another pig cop will be waiting.  Take him out and proceed down the hallway.

Once you get about 2/3 of the way down the hallway, a wall behind you will explode, revealing an area you had not seen up until that point.  If you continue in the hallway, you will come to a locked blue door.  You will need to proceed into the new area you just uncovered. 

Inside this room you will see some rotating gold/yellow gears.   You will need to jump up on the gears to get to a room that is above the highest gear.  You'll want to be careful jumping in here, because if you fall off the gears, you will plummet to your death below after a very long fall.   A successful jump will reveal a small room where a a couple of lizard troopers are guarding the blue key.  The key is behind a small door at the end of the room - go take it.  While you're down there, pick up the rocket launcher on the floor.

After you get the blue key, you'll head back to the locked blue door.   You will need to open it, and will likely encounter a pig cop or two in the hallway right on the other side of the door.   The second one is behind the first appearance of the trip mine weapon in the game - it can be seen with its trademark red laser sight.

The pig cops are fairly stupid with the trip mines, if you wake them up, and keep 'em from shooting you, they'll eventually walk right into the thing, likely blowing themselves (and the tripmine) up.   That's a strategy that can serve you well as you play the game.   Once you've gotten past the pig cop and the trip mine shown here, continue up the hallway to the top.   You will see a few more trip mines in front of a room with the yellow key in it.   There is a pig cop waiting there to shoot you in the back, so don't forget about him.

Getting the yellow key and getting out without taking serious damage can be tricky.  If you have a rocket launcher still, you can use it to blow up the tripmines shown in the shot above, or you can jump over them, if you're running fast enough.   Thing is, once you pick up the yellow key, more tripmines will appear, making it rather difficult to get out of the room unscathed.   How you tackle this is up to you, there's no easy way to tell you how, as it's a timing thing.   Once you do get the yellow key, there's some health in the shower area next to the yellow key room, but so are a few troopers, so take that into account.

After you take care of all this, you will see a few doors with red forcefields behind them (labeled Cell Block 1 & 2).   That will be used later in the level.  For now, you need to head back down the ramp you came up, and then open a door into a larger room where some pig cops will be waiting.  In the lower level of the room will be where you need to use the yellow key.   Use the key, and then you will head outdoors.  Several pig cops will be in here (and right outside the door).

Once you are outside, you will see a door in front of you that you cannot open (yet).  You'll want to take a left when you get outside and head to the end of the area, where you'll find the red key.   On the way there will be a few flying pig cops, and a few stationary turrets which will be all shooting at you.  You'll either need to take them out, or have enough health to make the run for the key.

After picking up the red key, you're going to want to head back inside.  Once inside, you'll see a couple of locked red doors in the room.  It doesn't matter which you take, they both lead to the same room, although the one on the left usually has a pig cop behind it, where the one on the right does not (usually).

After you go through the locked red door, there will be a ramp with a button at the top.   Go up there and push the button, a circular room will open up revealing hologram of one of the boss aliens from later in the game, who taunts you.   In here is the ripper gun - grab it.

You will see the back side of the buttons you flipped to open this room.  You will need to hit them again.  The ramps you just took will close off, but the room will open up a couple of smaller rooms off to the side.  You will want to take the one on the right (that says "02" on the back wall once you open the door).   In that room will be a pig cop, take care of him.   You will need to flip the switch in the room which will disable the red force field from earlier in the level.   Take the pipebomb, too.   After you flip the switch, you will come back to the circular room.  If you flip the switch underneath the grate, the room will turn again, re-opening the ramps you used to get up here.   You will want to go down the ramp and head back to the area where the red forcefield was earlier.

Once you get there, the pig cop that was previously behind the forcefield will have been released, so you will need to get rid of him.  Once you do that, you will be presented with a (small) puzzle.  The switch in the front will open the cell room doors.  As you flip the switch, you will see the doors open, and the light from the outer courtyard will come in and be visible in the hallway.   You will want the door open to the third door, which will correspond with the third choice on the switch.  Make your way down the hallway and into the open cel door.  Taking out the couple of lizard troopers in there will reveal a cel room with no apparent way out.

This is where one of our mass media references comes into play.  The way to progress in this level is through the movie poster, where you will go through a tunnel.  You will come to the end of the tunnel where you will see several pipe bombs.  If you don't already have one, pick them up, and then throw the pipebomb at the wall you picked it up from, detonating it.

The resulting explosion will then reveal another part of the tunnel, where you will need to repeat the pipebomb trick.   After that, you will find yourself in a sludge tunnel.  Follow that to the end of the tunnel, which will reveal an open area with a boat, and several aliens to shoot at. 

Once you've disposed of the aliens (or you choose to ignore them), you will need to go underwater.  Once down there, swim under the boat, and you will come up into the inside of the boat where you will see a lizard trooper at the far end of the boat.   He is guarding the exit to the level.  Wipe out the trooper, and slam the exit to complete the level.

After this level finishes, you're on to Level 4, "Toxic Dump".



Death Row Secrets

Death Row contains ten secrets.   The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  This list of secrets will only show the "true" secrets in the level, not "Easter Eggs" as such (like the 867-5309 joke in Episode 1) - there's too many of those to list.

Secret #1: Shotgun behind electric chair

The first secret you encounter is right at the start.  In the control room to the side of the electric chair, there are two switches.   The left one will drop the electric chair into the floor, revealing a secret area that contains a shotgun.  Go get the shotgun to collect the secret.

Secret #2: Chaingun and "Doom Guy" behind altar

The next secret is in the altar area of the chapel.  This room is to the left in the hallway right behind the viewing area.  After dealing with several lizard troopers in the room, you will need to do a few things.  First you need to shoot out the stained glass window on the left.   Once you've done that, it will turn the room red, and open up a wall behind the now destroyed stained glass window.  Once you've knocked out the window, you need to "use" the picture on the altar that is shown in the shot below.  That will drop the wall behind where the stained glass used to be.

If you go back there, there will be an Octabrain to deal with.   Taking out the Octabrain will clear the path to the back of the behind the altar area.  Once you've gone back there, you can pick up a chaingun for the secret.  While you're back there, you will run into another game reference, this one to the original Doom, where Duke exclaims "That's one Doomed Space Marine!"

Secret #3: Pipe Bombs & "ROTT Monk"

When you come out from behind the altar, the third secret is also in the chapel room, so don't leave too quickly.  You will need to go towards the back of the room where you can see a ledge way up near the ceiling of the room.   If you turn around again and face the altar, you will see a red button. 

You need to shoot the button, but you have to do it while against the wall.  A pillar will rise out of the floor and raise you to where you can see the pipe bombs and an Atomic health - collect them for the secret.   If you are standing in the wrong spot, shoot the button again to lower the pillar, and try again.

When you collect the secret, and turn around to leave, you will see a hanging monk up towards the ceiling as well.   While not a "secret area", it is a reference to one of our previous games, Rise of the Triad.  The specific monk here was portrayed in ROTT by Allen Blum, the level designer that did this level (and many others) in Duke Nukem 3D.  :)

Secret #4: RPG ammo in cel

The fourth secret is in a room that most people just run by.    There is a small unoccupied cel in the corner of two hallways here.   If you go in this room, there is a crack in the wall.   That is not the secret.   The secret is behind the cot.   Walk up to the cot and "use" it.  It will move out of the way revealing a hole  near the floor.  If you crouch down, and go into this small room, you will be given some ammo for the RPG, as well as the fourth secret in this level.

Secret #5: 175% Health Outside

The fifth secret area is in the outer courtyard where the red key is.   Progress through the level, and get the red key, but don't go back inside right away.  You will need to jump up to the ledge where the turrets are to find this secret.   Once you are up there, you will need to jump again and go into an invisible path, where three Atomic healths totaling 175% will be waiting for you to claim, along with the fifth secret of the level.

Secret #6: Hidden Steroids

When you get the 175% health, don't go straight back inside the building.  Go around to the side where the red key was.  You will see a very faint crack in the wall:

If you blow up the crack in the wall, it will reveal a hidden area.  Jump into this hidden area, and it will reveal some steroids.  Going into this area will give you the secret.   Once in here, you can blow up the wall at the back end of the secret area to reveal a shortcut back into the prison.

Secrets #7 & #8: Above the Map

When you are in the spinning room with the alien hologram and the chaingun, you will see a large red door.  If you open it, four tripmines and a lizard trooper will be there.   It is helpful to take out the tripmines with the pipebomb that is in the "02" switch room, but you can sometimes lure the lizard trooper to walk into the tripmines.  Once you've gotten rid of that, you will see a wall in front of you.   If you "use" the wall, it will show a map, as well as open up two small rooms above either side of the map.   This is much easier if you happen to have a jetpack, but if you don't (most likely), you will have to jump into each small room to collect some RPG ammo and an Atomic health, as well as two secrets.

Secret #9: Night Vision Goggles

When you make make it out of the prison and out to the submarine outside, there is a doorway that you can find if you explore the area above ground.  It is the backside of the large locked door from the prison courtyard earlier in the game.  You can flip the switch to unlock and open the door if you wish, but that is not the secret.  The secret is up on a ledge to the right of the door.  If you go up there, and "use" a slightly discolored section of wall, it will open up revealing a pair of night vision goggles.  Go in there and claim the goggles for the ninth secret of the level.

Secret #10: The Sub's Engine Room

The final secret inside the submarine at the end of the level.  Instead of hitting the switch to end the level, go to the other side of the sub.  You will see a crate.  On the back wall behind the crate towards the right side of the wall is a secret.  "Use" the secret wall, and it will open up, revealing the sub's engine room.  Go in there and take a look for the final secret of this level.

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