Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Lunatic Fringe
Episode 2, Level 10 (Secret Level)

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Lunatic Fringe is a small level.  It was designed to be a tight play Dukematch level.  It isn't too hard in single player, though as it's (lack of) size makes the Battlelords you run into a lot harder to deal with.  There are also no secrets in this one, so you don't have to worry about finding them.  

You start off in a small darkened room with a single switch that you need to flip to open the door and go out into the level.

This circular room comprises the majority of the level.  It has an upper and lower area.  You are starting out on the upper area.  A good first move would be to jump across to the small red room shown above (where the crosshair is).  There is a rocket launcher and some ammo (plus some health) in there.  After you grab that, make a pass around the entire upper path and take out any enemies you run into before you jump down or go into the central area of the room.  There are also some items in a few door panels as well as just lying on the floor.

Once you have taken out all the enemies, jump down and pick up all the weapons and ammo you can find - you will certainly need them in a minute.   After you have done that, jump back up to the upper level.  You will see four buttons up here.  There are two on one side of the room, and two on the other side.  You need to flip all four of these switches (given that they are recessed, you have to use a pistol to do it). 

Once you hit the fourth switch, it will open several doors in the interior part of the room, releasing two Battlelords for you to deal with.  There are several ways to jump into the room, as there is an upper and lower layer inside the middle part of the room as well - just like the larger outer room.  The Battlelords have a harder time hitting you when you are up, but then so do you hitting them.  It is somewhat easier overall, though.  You don't have to actually take out the Battlelords to finish the level, but it is a heck of a lot easier.

As you make your way around the upper level of the inner room, you will find several Atomic healths and some RPG ammo to help you.  Also up here is a switch.  Locate this switch, and flip it.

It will appear to have done nothing, but quite the opposite is true.  It will open up the way out of the level, but it is not on the map in front of you.  Go out of the inner room, and make your way around the outer room level to the other side, where you will see a small opening on the floor, with a shrink ray coming out of it.

Let the shrink ray shrink you, and then go through the small hallway on the floor.  When you emerge on the other side, you will see the end level switch.

Hit it and be taken to Level 11, "Overlord", which is the boss (and final) level for this episode.



Lunatic Fringe Secrets

There aren't any!   This level does not have any secrets in it, so don't waste your time looking for any!

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