Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Episode 2, Level 11 (Boss Level)

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Overlord starts underwater.  This is a tie-in to the previous "regular" level in this episode, which ends underwater.   If you do not have scuba gear, you'd better get out of the water quick.  Head forward, and you will need to go to the other side of the room where you will see a hand imprint on the wall.  Push it.

Once you push that, you will hear a rather loud noise coming from behind you.  Turn around, and you will see the column in the middle of the room (we're still underwater here) will have opened up, revealing an Atomic health.  This step isn't necessary, but you are going to need all the help you can get in this level, so you'll want the health up.

Once you grab the Atomic health, you'll want to surface from the water.  When you do so, you will be in a circular room, in the middle.  There will be several enemies you will need to take out.  Do so.  Once you've done that, look for a door with an alien switch next to it.  You will want to open this switch, it unlocks the door.

Going through the door reveals a small hallway with a door, but you likely will not get to see the door much at first, because it is being guarded by a Battlelord.  You'll have to take him out (or draw him out of the room into the circular room with the water) to get by.   There is also an exploding canister here which will take out a large section of wall, so be careful you don't get caught up in that explosion trying to take out the Battlelord.

After taking out the Battlelord, you will go through the door he was guarding and find yourself in a room near a waterfall.   Don't follow the water, you need to go up the ramp you see in the far side of the room.

After you make it up the ramp, you will come to the second level of this room.  Things will attack you from all sides, so be prepared for a lot of combat.  Once things have settled down, make your way past the pod girl and the eggs you see in the back of this shot.

This will lead you to another ramp, and the way up to the top most level of the room.  When you get up there you will see some aliens guarding several captured girls and slimer eggs. 

Behind the hanging girls is a switch you need to flip.   This drops a forcefield preventing you from getting to the final area of the level.   Once you have flipped the switch, you will need to make your way back down the ramp you just used to come up to this part of the room.  When you come down the second half of this ramp, you will see a grate on the wall (if it has not been blown out by previous gunfire in the level).

Take out the vent cover, as well as the lizard trooper that is hanging out back there.   This will reveal a passageway which had previously been blocked by a forcefield.   Go in there, and you will be looking out over what appears to be a slow spinning fan.

The boss is in the chamber below.  So jump in here (the spinning fan almost never kills you).  If you are low on health, you might want to find some before you jump in here, as this is a drop that can cause you damage.  

Once you are in the Overlord chamber, you will be surrounded by exploding canisters and slimer eggs.   Many (if not all) of the eggs will immediately hatch, and slimers will come towards you.   At this point you need to open the doors in front of you.  This will release the Overlord into the room.   You can use the exploding canisters to your advantage if you draw the Overlord out into the room, and blow them up.  It won't kill him, but the more damage he takes, the better.   However, if you blow up the canisters before you release the Overlord, it will usually take out the slimers.  You won't be battling slimers as well as the Overlord if you take this route.  Your choice on the canisters.   There is a health pack right by the door.  If you pick that up, the door will open.   However, there's something that can really help you in your battle with the Overlord if you do it before you release him.   Over to the left of the chamber room is a crack in the wall.  Jump in there:

When you jump in there, you will end up in some water.  Go all the way to the bottom of the water, and you will find several items here that will be of use.  There is a jetpack (which can be used to go back up the fan drop if you run out of weapons and health), a medkit, and a Devastator weapon.   All useful against a boss.

Make your way back to the boss chamber, and release the Overlord.  There is no special trick to beating him, although circle strafing around him helps a lot.  Just shoot him more than he shoots you.  :)

There is some ammo and health in the room that the Overlord originally came out of, so if you can run in there without being taken down yourself, you can pick up some useful items.

Once you've defeated the Overlord, a cinematic will play, and you will be shown your stats for this level.  You will then be taken to Episode 3, Level 1, "Raw Meat".

Overlord Shortcut

There is a huge shortcut in this level right in the beginning.  It requires the use of either a jetpack or steroids to complete, though.  After you surface from the water at the start of the level, you will see the following vent cover.   If you have the jetpack, merely blow out the cover, and fly in there.  This will leave you in the fan that drops you into the boss chamber - you can bypass the entire level and go straight to the boss this way.

The other way up there is to stand on the back most part of a small ledge near the ramp.  Use the steroids, and run and jump up there.  It is not as easy as the jetpack, but you can get up there this way.   If you don't have either the jetpack OR the steroids, you're going to have to complete the level the right way.



Overlord Secrets

Overlord being a boss level, only has four secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here - but the flow of the level sort of makes you want to get them in the order below.   These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Hidden Health

In the first room of the level after you surface from the water, you will look around and see a couple of protruding columns.  Go to the left one or the right one, and there is a hidden circular room through the wall to the outside of the pillars. 

Go in there to collect some ammo, an Atomic health, and the first secret for this level.

Secret #2: A Complicated RPG

The second secret can be gotten in the same room the first one was.  If you go around the walkway, you will come to a part of the room where you see a couple of control panels with switches.  Flip the first, third, and fourth switches so they look like this:

Those switches will lower part of the column in the middle of the room so that you can jump on it.  It now looks like this:

Jumping onto here will set off a door sound.  This opens a door that is on the opposite side of a wall in this room.   If you make it to that door in time, you can collect an RPG and the second secret of this level.

Secret #3: A Wall of Pipebombs

When you make it into the room with the waterfall in it, you will start up some ramps at the bottom.  In the first section of ramp you get on, you will see a crack way up near the top of the wall on the left side.  Shoot it with some sort of rocket/pipebomb, and it will reveal a large hole in the wall up there. 

Head up the next section of ramp and you will be able to walk in there.  When you go in there you will collect two sections of pipebombs, as well as the third secret of this level.

Secret #4: The Overlord's Secret Stash

The fourth and final secret for this level comes during the boss battle.   If you go into the room the Overlord originally started out in, it will open a door on the far side of the chamber.  Run down there and jump in to collect the secret.  While you're in there, you can pick up several health ups and ammo.  Be very careful in here though as you're more or less a sitting duck for the Overlord.

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