Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Raw Meat
Episode 3, Level 1

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Raw Meat starts off on the top of a roof.   If you turn to your right, there is a door here that when raised will reveal a Devastator.  Grab it.   After you take out a few enemies that will come up on the roof, jump off.   If you look down first, you'll see water.  Jump in the water, and you won't take damage.  After you do that, resurface and come out of the water.  There is some health and ammo on a window ledge and just lying around outside, so grab it.  After you have picked up everything, make your way up the ramp.

After you take care of a few Enforcers that will jump out, there is a hidden area here (but not a secret).  It contains an Atomic health.  Jump inside the area where the Enforcers came from (it is behind the RPG in the screenshot above).   When you get in there, you will get some pipebombs as well as the Atomic health.  Send a pipebomb down towards the crack at the back end of the area you are in, and a wall will open up.  Go in there, and you will end up in the water. 

Make your way back out through the water and to the start of the level.  Once you do that, make your way into the restaurant.  As you progress down the hallway, some of the doors on your left will open.  You will be attacked by aliens who were in these dining rooms.   You will want to open the door to the middle one.   In it is a sushi table on the floor. 

As you approach the table, it will recess into the floor.  You will want to go down into the room that is down here.   When you do, you will see a switch on a wall.  Flip it.

After you've come back up from this area, make your way around the back of the hallway past the "Bar" sign.  You will come across another room that is full of various kinds of captured pod girls, and slimer eggs.

The way out is on the other side of the room.  You can walk past all the podgirls if you want, but you will be attacked by all the slimers in the eggs.  Your best bet is to send a rocket in the middle there and blow up everything.  (A note about this room - stepping on the sushi tables will cause Octabrains to spawn in the room - stay off if you can).  Once you do that, and take care of any enemies that spawn in the room open the blue double doors at the far end.  This will reveal a small room with two Enforcers who are guarding the blue key.  Grab the key, which is in a small compartment behind the cash register.

Once you collect the blue key, you can either go back through the room you just came in, or you can push a button on the wall, which will open the doors in front of you.  Either way you need to make your way back to the bar area where the locked blue door is.  Open the door, and take out the pigcops who are waiting on the other side for you.

After you go through the blue key door, go down the ramp and take a left and go into the Karaoke room, taking out any resistance in the room.

Going up on the stage will spawn some more pig cops out in the hallway, so watch out for that.  Behind the right most speaker is a RPG, you'll want that, too.  Also, singing on the microphone is one of the more well known jokes in the game.  You don't get any secrets for it, but Duke's rendition of "Born to be Willlllld" is not to be missed.

After you're done in the Karaoke bar, make your way out and head left.  There is a moving sushi table that will (if you watch long enough) bring out several useful items (like an Atomic health for one).   Grab the items from there, and head for the double doors that lead to the kitchen.  If they are not already open, then do so, and make your way in.   When you do, a gaggle of Enforcers will come after you.  Take them out.

After the kitchen combat, you may wish to make use of the health that is inside the freezer room, as well as in a health compartment right next to it.  When you're done, make your way to the back of the kitchen area.   You will see a small sink with water in it.  You will need to jump in here and submerge. 

Doing so will leave you a in a larger underwater area of the level.   Swimming around a bit will reveal a control panel next to a closed door.  Using this control panel will open the door, and lead you into another underwater room.

Once you open up this door, the room in front of you will be crawling with pod girls, Octabrains, slimers, etc.   The goal here is to get to the other side of the room and get the red key.  You can either engage the aliens here, or run past them, hoping to get out with the key.  Your choice.   If you need help with being underwater, you can surface here.  You will find some scuba gear to use.  You can't get out of this surface area, so resubmerge - you need something down here anyway.

The far end of the room contains the red key and a switch.  The switch opens the gate in front of you.  At this point, you can either go through the gate, which leads you back to the start of the level.   To get to the place you need to use the red key, you can either backtrack through the water, or go through the gate, and run back though the level.   Again, your choice.

Whichever way you choose to get back to the kitchen, once you arrive back there, you need to make your way down a stairwell in the back of the kitchen.  This leads to the red key door.  Go down there and open up the door.

Once you do that, make your way through, and when you start heading up the ramp, a few Enforcers will spawn behind you, so you'll need to take 'em down to have a peaceful exit for the level.  :)

When you make your way up the top of the ramp, the wall next to you will start exploding.   If you are low on health, you may not want to be here until the explosions subside.  Once they do, it will open up an area in the wall that contains the exit.

Hit the exit be taken to Level 2, "Bank Roll".   By the way, if you look out a crack in the wall in this area, you can see part of the start of the Bank Roll level, too.  :)



Raw Meat Secrets

Raw Meat has seven secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here - but the flow of the level sort of makes you want to get them in the order below.   These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Behind the Statue

When you first enter the restaurant, you will see a red Geisha statue.   Near that is an invisible wall that you have to jump through.   "X Marks the Spot" in the screenshot below.

Once you go in there, you will be awarded with the first secret of this level.

Secret #2: Push Her Button

The second secret is right next to the first.  In the hallway, there is a poster with a babe, and the words "Exotica Tonight".  This is a secret compartment.  If you uh, "use" the lower part of her bikini on the picture, the wall will drop, revealing a shrinker.  Go in there and get it for the second secret.

Secret #3: Talk to the Hand

The third secret is also right near the first two.  At the end of the hallway after the second secret, you see a menu board with a handprint on it.  Push the hand, and it will reveal a secret compartment with an armor in it.  Go in there, get the armor to collect the third secret.

Secret #4: Secret Health

The fourth secret in this level is in the same area as the first three.  Inside the third of the three sushi rooms, you will see a crack on the wall.  Blow it up to reveal a secret area with some healths.   Go in there to collect the items and the fourth secret.

Secret #5: Hidden in the Double Doors

The fifth secret is right after the moving sushi bar.  You will see a pair of wooden double doors near the floor in a hallway.  Open them to reveal some night vision goggles.  However, this is not the secret.  When you are crouched in this area, push on the back wall.  It will move out of the way revealing another compartment containing some pipebombs and some ripper ammo.  Go into this room to collect the items and the fifth secret.

Secret #6: Hidden Freezer

The sixth secret is right next to the fifth.   When you come out of the area where the fifth secret was, you will see a bloody handprint on the wall.  Press that, and a door will open in the corner of the room to your right.  In that room is a freezer and a security camera.  Go in there to collect the sixth secret.

Secret #7: Not really the wine

The final secret is in the kitchen area.  You will see what looks like a wine cabinet.  Open it to reveal two RPG ammo packs and the seventh secret - go get them!

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