Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Episode 2, Level 2

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Incubator starts out in more or less the same place the last level finished.  In a shuttle.  Only now the shuttle is approaching what appears to be another space station, "The Incubator".  Once your shuttle docks, you need to depart and make your way into the level.


You will come to a mostly darkened room.  As you enter the room, a door on the far side will open, and some alien bastards will come out to try and get you.  After disposing of them, you will need to flip the yellow switch in-between two closed windows.

Doing so will open up a couple of doors on the other side of the room, as well as light the place.  The door you will want to take is in the corner, and is the one that touches the floor.  The other door that is in the middle of the wall doesn't go anywhere, although there's an Atomic health up there if you need it.  Going through this doorway will reveal an incline.  Take it, and you will come to two closed doors.  Going near them triggers the doors, and drops them so you can pass.

The room in here is quite interesting in that the room forms before your eyes.   You will also see here another inclined hallway leading out of this room.  Take it.   This room has some lizard troopers, and a sentry drone to deal with, not to mention some turrets, so there will be some combat here.  Once the room cools down, you will find a switch next to a security monitor in the corner of the room.   Flip it, this disables a security forcefield elsewhere in the level.

After flipping the switch, you will need to make your way backwards a bit, and go back to the door near the giant EDF logo on the wall that was previously blocked by a red forcefield.  Going through this forcefield will reveal an armory.   It is not locked, open it to get an RPG and some other weapon ammo.  It will be helpful in this area.   From here you are presented with a choice of directions to go, either left or right.   You will want to go left, where the Octabrain is.  What isn't as visible is there are several slimer eggs here, and the place will be crawling with slimers to climb on your face.   This is where the RPG is useful - send a few rockets down there to clear a path.   You will need to go to the door at the end of this path.  There are a few more slimer eggs there, too - take 'em out.

Once through all this, you need to open the door and head in.  At the bottom of a ramp is the yellow key next to a locked screen door.   If you look through the screen, you will see a large area with water; this is where the end of the level is, but you can't get to it from here.

Once you grab the yellow key, you need to make your way back to the armory door from a few steps ago, and keep going down the right hand path now.   There are several more slimers this way as well, so take 'em out.   You will get to the end of this path where you can use the yellow key to unlock the door next to the yellow keycard slot.

After unlocking this door and opening it, you will be shot at immediately.  Inside this room is a turret as well as an Enforcer (depending on the difficulty you are playing).   There are some pipebombs off to the side in this room.   If you are quick enough, you can grab them, and send in a pipebomb to the other side of the room, taking out both the turret and the Enforcer.  This will be helpful, as you have to do something else in this room, and them shooting at you is rather annoying.

One the room has been cleared out, you will see a recessed switch in a wall.  Shoot it, and another door will close, blocking off the switch from being used again.  Once you hit the switch, you need to exit the room, and the previous "end of the hallway" you were at a minute ago is no longer the end.  You will see the large wall that was there is in the process of dropping into the floor, revealing the path to go next.

Hopping up onto the new area will show a large waterfall, which you will need to jump into.  It will take you to a ledge with a large room full of slimer eggs - several of which hatch upon your arrival into the room.   This is the final room in the level, and there are a barrage of slimers all over the place.   They can sometimes get in the way of your rocket shots, and you will shoot yourself in the face, so be careful where you point your RPG.

The way out of the room is actually straight in front of you.  The crosshair in the above screenshot shows the way.  It is, however, closed.   You open it up by flipping a switch on a platform on the left side of the room.   This switch is shown in the screenshot above with the "Flip this" text.  Doing so will open up the door, allowing you to pass.  It is however, like the rest of the room, inundated with Octabrains and slimers, so take 'em out to clear a path.

Going through the door revealed here will present a final couple of Octabrains; take them out, and slam the exit to be taken to Level 3, "Warp Factor".




Incubator Secrets

Incubator contains five secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Obvious Pipebombs

The (initially) darkened room at the start of the level is where the first secret is here.   To the right of the computer banks is a wall section that doesn't really look like the others - it's fairly obvious it is the one you need to search in.   Open this wall section to reveal some pipebombs.   Take 'em for the first secret.

Secret #2: Double Secret Probation

The second secret is directly connected to the first.  When you go into the small compartment for the pipebombs, use the back wall of this small compartment, and another area will open up behind the computer banks.  Go in there to claim the second secret of this level.

Secret #3: The EDF Sign

The third secret is shortly past the first two.  When you go through the door into the next section of the level, you will pass a giant EDF logo on the wall.  Jump into the logo to collect a medkit and the third secret.

Secret #4: A Cold Secret

Shortly after the EDF logo secret, you will go through into a darkened room right past two doors.  You will pass an armory sign to your left.   There is a secret room to the right of this area.  It is a wall panel with just one set of green lights on it.

Opening this secret door will reveal a room with some goodies in it.  A holoduke, as well as the Freezer weapon.   Go into this room to collect the goodies and the secret.

Secret #5: Dark Ammo

The final secret is in the room where you can see a rotating platform with two Atomic Healths on it (and a switch at the far end)  To the right of the rotating platform is a metal door with some green lights on it.  Opening up the right hand door will reveal a fairly dark secret area that contains some ripper ammo.  Go collect the ammo and collect the final secret of this level.

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