Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Warp Factor
Episode 2, Level 3

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Warp Factor starts out in an elevator going up.  When it gets to the top, you see a door in front of you.  This door opens into a room that leads to several places.  The first place you want to go is to your left into a large elevator in the corner.


Going into this elevator will immediately cause it to descend, setting off several explosions.  These shouldn't hurt you, but the place you descended to will have several fires going on, which can, so be careful down here.  There are several places to go, the place you want to go to is in the back of the room on the path you are on when you come off the elevator (it is right next to the crosshair in the image below).

Once you make your way to the back, you will see the blue key in an area underneath a door.   Grab it.

Once you get the blue key, make your way back to the elevator, and go back up.  Once you do, make your way to the other elevator in the room, and go down in that one.   Don't just run quickly out though, as there are several tripmines that cover the exit to the elevator.  You'll need to take this out to progress.  You don't want to run through, as there's too many for you to survive.  There's two ways to do it.  The first is to lure the Enforcer into them.   You can wait around for awhile until the Enforcer starts up the ramp.  Once he gets close, take the elevator back up!   If you don't, the tripmines will still kill you.   The other is with a pipebomb.   From standing in the elevator, throw a pipebomb near the tripmines, then take the elevator back up and detonate.   Never be at the bottom when these tripmines explode, you will die.

Once you clear out the tripmines and make it off the elevator, you will find the locked blue key door to your right.   This is where you will need to go.  The larger door in front of you is not needed until later in the level.

Once unlocked, the door reveals an elevator which you will need to take upwards.  Once you get to the top of the elevator, you will want to come out and take a right.  You can go left, but that is not where you need to go to progress.

There is a door at the far right end of the hallway, you will need to go through it and a few other subsequent doors to reach the end of the hallway where it seems to dead end.

There is a switch next to a window here.  If you flip the switch it will call a shuttle to your position.  It can be seen approaching through the window.  Once it arrives, you can go in there (after disposing of any lizard troopers in there).  Once inside the shuttle, there is another switch to flip which will take you over to the other side of the station.   Once there, you will be left into another hallway that looks very similar to the one you were just in.   There is another switch here similar to the one on the other side, and it serves the same function.  Don't use it, as it will send the shuttle back to the other side; you will need it in a little bit.

You need to keep going down this hallway until you come into a larger darkened room with pulsing red light.  On the left wall you will see a yellow key hidden behind a door.  You can't initially get to the key, but there is a switch puzzle to the right.  Pressing just the middle button will open the doors and allow you access to the yellow key.  It is a timed door, so if you take too long it will close again, prompting you to hit the middle button again until you can successfully get the yellow key.

Once you claim the yellow key, you can turn around and head back to the shuttle.  However, before you do, there is one somewhat hidden (but not an actual "secret") area that will be useful.  If you turn around 180 degrees from where the yellow key is, you will see an elevator.  Go in there and take the elevator all the way down.  You will see three Atomic healths - these are the same ones you could see near the blue key, but couldn't get to.  Go grab 'em for a huge health boost.   After you do that, you need to make your way all the way back to where the blue key door was (going back down both hallways and a shuttle ride). 

Once you get back, you can go through the large door you skipped earlier.  The reason you skipped it earlier is the door you use the yellow key is back here.  A word of warning, if you are playing on one of the higher difficulty levels, there will be a Battlelord in here, who can be difficult to defeat.  There is usually also a fat commander in this area as well, some there will be lots of combat before you can use the yellow key.

After going through the yellow key door, you will ride an escalator to the top, and encounter a closed door.  Opening the door (it is not locked) will present you with a few choices.  Directly in front of you is a door.  Opening this door will give you a devastator weapon (if you didn't already have one).  The other choices are on either side of a circular room.   If you go around to the back side of the circular room, you'll get shot at, so take out a turret and some aliens first.  You will see a room at the top of a ramp.  Go up there, and a control panel will rise out of the floor.  Going around the back will show you a button.  Press the button, and the windows in front of you will open up.   This doesn't really help with your progression in the level, but it's one of this author's favorite moments in the game from a visual standpoint.  :) 

Once you are done looking at the Earth, you can go back to either side of the circular room - each side has a door.  They both lead to the same room, it doesn't matter which one you pick.  In this room is an RPG to take.  More importantly, in the corner of the room is a switch.  You will need to flip this switch, as it drops a forcefield towards the end of the level you will need to get through.

After you flip this switch, you need to make your way back down the escalator that led up here.  Open the door at the bottom, and make your way down to a door in the lower part of the next room.

Opening this door will reveal a blue corridor with some rotating walls at the end.  You will need go through the blue area (which will give you damage if you do not have boots).  You will need to watch the rotating walls until the elevator at the center is visible.  At that point you need to run in and take the elevator down.

The elevator will leave you off in the middle of a circular room which contains the level exit.  After mashing a few Enforcers, hit the exit to be taken to Level 4, "Fusion Station".




Warp Factor Secrets

Warp Factor contains only two secrets, which is a surprisingly low number compared to other levels.  The second secret is actually inside the first secret, so you have to do them in the order below.   This is one of the more notable secrets in the entire game, too.   The secret is based off of the TV show, "Star Trek: The Next Generation". 

Secret #1: Get off my Bridge, Wesley!

The way into the Star Trek bridge is somewhat difficult.  It is one of those timed door things, but it has far less room for error than any other you have encountered up until this point.  It all starts in the circular room at the top of the escalator about 4/5 of the way through the level.  If you go around the perimiter wall, you will see a panel with some green lights on it...

The other half of this is a narrow section of wall on the other side of the room, which juts out and looks like this...

You need to go back to the door with the green lights on it, and open it up, revealing some steroids, and a small room.  At the top of that room you will see a switch.  This switch will drop the thin section of wall on the other side of the room.  If you stand in the room and shoot the switch, you likely will run out of time too quickly, and the wall will close again.   It is best if you try shooing the switch from out in the hallway - as far away from the switch as you can while still being able to hit it.   The steroids can help here too, but sometimes make you run all over the place and your inability to control running in steroids can also make you miss the spot you want to be in.

Once you shoot the switch, haul ass over to the section of wall which will now have dropped, and allow you access (briefly) to the bridge of the Enterprise, NCC-1701D. 

Secret #2: Picard's Really Ready Room

Once on the bridge, you will see a smaller set of doors off to one side of the room.  This is Picard's "Ready Room" (using terminology from the show).  If you go in here, you will be ambushed from behind by about 4 or 5 Enforcers, who will need to be dealt with before you try going after the second secret.  Once they're disposed of, you will see a recreation of Picard's desk, some chairs - even his fish tank.   On the desk is a computer.  If you use the computer, it will open up a secret wall, revealing the "Really Ready Room".  :)   Go up on the shelf in front of the video monitors to collect the second secret on the level.

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