Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Fusion Station
Episode 2, Level 4

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Fusion Station starts in a closed off green color room.  This level, despite it's large size is actually fairly linear.  There's not a lot of choice in where you can go here.  There's a lot of combat, and several places where you have to shoot switches from a distance, but it's fairly straightforward, if rather lacking in the "short" department. ;)   Going forward, you need to make your way through several rather dark passageways.   If you have the night vision goggles, they are a huge help here.   You will eventually end up in a room with a window looking outside and an RPG.  It looks like the picture below.


After you clear out this room, you will flip the switch, and it will reveal another door.  That second door leads to the outside where you will immediately be shot at by a couple of turrets on a platform.  You will want to take out these turrets (and any others you encounter in the level), as they will shoot at you until you shoot them.   Once you shoot them, make your way through the door that is between them.  Open it, and take the elevator down.

Once down there, you will encounter several areas of close combat, usually with Enforcers, so be prepared.  Once down there, you will encounter several pillars going up and down into a raised section.    The next section requires you go go into the pillar area, so it is quite easy to get squashed. 

There are several pillar areas in this room, the right one you want is the first one you will encounter upon entering this room from the elevator above.  There is a small passageway at the bottom, you need to make your way in here.

Once down here, you will see a passageway on the floor.   You need to crouch to see it.  You will see a switch at the far end of the tunnel.   You cannot get down here on your own, but you can shoot the switch from here.  Doing this will open a door, which is your way out of the room you are in.

After you flip the switch, it will reveal an elevator that was previously not there.   Make your way out of this area, and head to the elevator, and take it up.  You will end up in a room with a couple of rotating pillars (that kind of looks like a water generator).  The next place you need to be is underwater in this room.  

Once underwater, you will find some switches on either side of the room.   You need to flip both of them, and some small sections will raise right above the switches.  This will show you that something has opened above the water has changed.  Once you've flipped both switches, surface in the water.

A door will have opened at the far end of the room with several Enforcers to deal with.  After you've done that, you will want to take the newly available elevator.

The elevator will leave you on a ledge where several lizard troopers from the other side of a large chasm.  You will want to take out the lizard troopers, as you will have to make a precision move, and their shooting at you won't help at all.  Once you've dealt with them, you will need to shoot the red button.  It will move a small section of flooring over to where you are.   You will need to step out on this section, and then shoot the red button again.   It will move the platform (and you) to the other side.   Once over, go through the door, and there will be several rooms here with a lot of slimer eggs.   Use your pipebombs in here quickly, or you will be swimming in a sea of slimers fairly quickly.  Once you get through with all the slimers, there is a door in the back side of the room which leads into the next hallway.   Going into this hallway will trigger a big explosion, so you will want to set it off, and then back out.  Once the explosion has subsided, you can then proceed through the hallway.

There is a second hallway after this one with the same kind of explosion that you will need to trigger and be careful not to get in the way of.

After the second exploding hallway, you will find another elevator to take.   Take the elevator up, and you will be left off in a darkened room with red lighting.  Going into the room will trigger an explosion on the far side of the room.   Some aliens will appear, once you dispose of them, you can pick up the

After the combat has died down, you will find a green door, and a switch.   These are connected.  The way out is the green door, and you open it with the switch, but it is another timed switch.  If you take too long to get out the door, it will close, forcing you to open it again.  

After getting through the green door, you will be left on another ledge similar to one from earlier in the game.   There are several troopers on the other side you can see in the windows who will be shooting at you.   It is in your best interest to take them out now.

After you've taken out the troopers, you will need to step out on the platform you see in the shot above.  Shoot the switch on the other side to be delivered to that side of the chasm.  Go around the back side of the wall, and you will see a large room where you will be attacked by several enemies.  Going into this room will trigger the central column to drop, revealing a column of energy.   After dealing with whatever enemies are left in this room, you need to take out the column.   It can be blown up with some sort of rocket weapon (RPG, pipebomb, Devastator).   Doing that will set off several explosions, so don't be too close.

After the explosions subside, a door to another elevator will be revealed.  Opening this door will free a fat commander, take him out, and then go in the elevator.   Taking it to the top will reveal another ledge.   This one will appear to have no way across.   If you have a jetpack, you can use it to get across to the other side.   If you do not, you will need to take a "leap of faith".  If you jump off the ledge you are on, and hug the wall in front of you, you will land on a ledge with a jetpack and some health.  Pick up the jetpack and fly back up to the ledge you see across from you.

Landing on the ledge will open the door, and two fat commanders will attack you.  If you have a jetpack at this point, it will really help out, as there is little room to fight them on the ledge if you do not.

After you get rid of the fat commanders, you can land on the ledge and make your way into the final room in this level.   This room will be fairly dark, and will have yet another fat commander guarding some podgirls and slimer eggs.  Take him out. 

In the back of the room, you need to make your way around the pillar in the center of the room.  Doing so will trigger the central column to rise, revealing the level end, and a final fat commander.

Hitting the exit will take you into Level 5, "Occupied Territory".



Fusion Station Secrets

Fusion Station is a large level, and as such has seven secrets in all.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: A "Secret Passage"

When you get into the room with the pillars that you have to crawl under, you will see some ledges in the outer area of this room.  One of these ledges has three tripmines on it.   Jump up on that shelf, and search the walls for a secret area.   It is not too far to the left of the tripmines.

Going into this room will reveal a pathway that goes in a couple of directions.  Taking a right inside the secret will lead you to a couple of Atomic healths.  These are the same ones you can see from a spot in the level where you have to crouch to shoot a switch.

Secret #2: Inside Secret

When you get the Atomic healths from the first secret, you can then go back and go into the area to the left of where you came through the secret wall.  The second secret is in here.  If you go into the room with a slimer egg and some health, you can look up.  Doing that will reveal another ledge.  Jump on that ledge to collect some pipebombs and the second secret.  Jump off the ledge back out into the room to progress further in the level.

Secret #3: Under Pressure

The third secret is also in this area.  Go into the place in the normal level progression where you would crouch down to shoot the switch you can see down a path.  In this compartment, you can turn around and face the back wall.   This is a secret door.  If you use this door, it will open up and reveal a few packs of chaingun ammo.  Take then for the third secret of this level.

Secret #4: Hidden Freezer

The fourth secret involves a few steps.  It is in the water generator room.   You first need to go below the water and flip both switches like you normally would.  However, once you surface, you need to find the security monitor in this room.  You do not need to use the monitor, just run by it.  Once you do, a door will open to the right of the way out of this room.  It is a timed door, so be quick getting over.  Once in there, you can collect a freezer and some freezer ammo, as well as the fourth secret.

Secret #5: Hidden Armor

The next secret is right before the first of the two exploding hallways.   When you cross the bridge, you will enter the area with several rooms that have numerous pod eggs in them.  Take them all out.  Once you've done that, you want to go into the room to your left immediately inside the door you just used to arrive here.  On the back wall is a hidden panel.  Opening that panel will reveal some armor.  Take it for the fifth secret.

Secret #6: In the Ceiling

Once you make your way into the first of the two exploding hallways, you will see two green beams that cross up near the ceiling.  You will find a crack in the wall that you can use to jump up and get on top of the second beam.   Once up there, you will see a vent.  It should have been blown out by all the explosions, but in case it hasn't been, do so, and then go in there.  There are a lot of eggs in here, get near them to collect the sixth secret.

Secret #7: Further Along In the Ceiling

After you collect the sixth secret, keep going past where the eggs were, and you will come out on top of the other green beam.   You will see a room where a captured girl is, as well as an Atomic health.   To the right in this room is a crack in the wall.  Blow up the crack to reveal a room with some RPG ammo in it.  Going into this room will give you the seventh and final secret of this level.  

Additionally, if you started this walkthrough with a profile that had no secrets when you started, and collected all of the secrets shown to this point, you will be awarded with the "Oomph Uugh, Where is it?" achievement on the Xbox 360 version of the game.   This is the 70th secret of the game (assuming you've done everything in the order shown to you so far).

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