Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Occupied Territory
Episode 2, Level 5

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Occupied Territory starts off in a non descript room with doors closed in front of you.  Turn around and flip a switch to open the doors.   You will go through a hallway and run into a wall with a giant EDF logo on it.  Go behind the wall, and you will see a control room off to the side with a few lizard troopers.  Take 'em out, and pick up the medkit back here.  There is also a ripper gun on the other side of the EDF logo wall should you need a weapon as well.


Flipping the switch in the room will open a large door in front of you, releasing several Enforcers.   After you fight through them, you will come to a smaller door.  Open the door, and it will reveal a very large room in front of you.

This large room has two fat commanders on the other end, and as you move around to battle them, several sentry drones will launch out of an alcove, and dive bomb you.  Once you clear out this room, you will want to go through the large double doors at the other end of the room that you came in from.   This will leave you a small reddish room with some more doors on the other side.  Opening those doors will leave you in a large open circular room.

As you make your way around this circular room, you will find several locked doors you cannot get into.   The way you want to go is to look for a partially hidden path with some eggs visible.  Crouch down and go in this room.

Once inside, you will be in a room with a large ramp.   At the top of the ramp is a "people mover".   When you are on the people mover, there will be a gun at the end of the hallway shooting at you, so be careful as you progress down this hallway.   At the other end of the hallway is a wall. 

Going around the other side of the wall will reveal several enemies and a fat commander guarding the red key.  This room also has several exploding canisters, so be careful back here with your combat.  

Once the room is cleared out, take the red key and head back across the people mover and back out into the large circular room.  Find the locked door where the red key goes..

Using the red key will unlock the door and extend a ramp which will allow you to go up into the rooms behind the red door.  At the top of the ramp is a large door with a Battlelord image on it.  Opening this door will reveal one or two Battlelords, depending on your difficulty level.   The Battlelords are guarding the blue key.  You have to either run incredibly fast with a ton of health to get the key and get out, or kill them.  Either way, this is a major combat point, so be prepared to spend some time in here.

Once you finally get a hold of the blue key, you will come out of the Battlelord room.  The door at the bottom of the ramp is where the blue key goes.  Go down there and use it.

Once inside this room, you will see a switch at the far end of the room.  Go down there and flip the switch.   There is also a medkit back here which you should probably take and use, as you will likely be very low on health at this point.

Flipping the switch will open up some more doors in the large circular room.   One of these doors will have a security monitor and two hallways right inside the door.  It looks like this.   It does not matter which upward ramp you take, they both lead to the same place.  

Once at the top of the ramps, you will see a large window you can look out.  There is a button to the right of the window.  Opening it will raise a wall on the other side, revealing yet more Battlelords.   You need to defeat these guys to make it into the final room of the level.  

Once you have defeated the Battlelords, you need to make your way across the narrow pathway leading to where they were standing.  You will need to flip the switch you can see in the right hand corner of the platform the right Battlelord was standing on.

Doing so will reveal a small room with the exit to the level.

Hitting the exit will take you into Level 7, "Tiberius Station".   Or, you can use the instructions below to get to the first of the two secret levels in this episode, "Spin Cycle".



Occupied Territory Secrets

Occupied Territory has a total of four secrets.  This is probably good, as you will be spending a ton of time fighting Battlelords, you won't want to hang around looking for secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Floor Health

Right at the start of the level when you drop the first door, you will likely miss this one.   Once the door is down, there's a small compartment on the floor.

Crouch down into the compartment on the floor, and go in there for the first secret of the level, an Atomic health.

Secret #2: Jetpack Health

Early in the level, when you enter the large room with several fat commanders, you will see doors open halfway up in one of the walls of the room.  Use a jetpack to fly up in there to get some RPG ammo and an Atomic health.   Entering this alcove will give you the second secret of the level.

Secret #3: RPG in a grate

Before you head out of the large room at the start of the level, you will need to head up one of the ramps in the center of the room.  Up there is a grate.  Kick it out, and head into the vent.  You will be given the third secret for this level, as well as an RPG for your arsenal.

Secret #4: Behind the Battlelords

In the room where you fought the two Battlelords, there is a shelf where the blue key was.  At the back of this shelf is a bank of computers.  The rightmost computer screen is a secret door.  Open it up and jump in.  That will give you a couple of tripmines and an Atomic health, plus the fourth and final secret on this level.



Path to Spin Cycle

If you want to get to the secret level "Spin Cycle", you will want to use this information instead of just hitting the normal end of level target.  You will want to complete the entire level, but don't hit the exit.  Once you have disposed of the final two Battlelords, you will want to stand on the middle of the narrow path that leads to where they were.   It looks like this:

You will want to turn around to your left (but stay on the narrow path), and look up towards the ceiling.   You will see a switch way up high in the room.

Once you shoot this switch a new door will open up on the other side of the room.  Turn around 180 degrees, and you will see the new room.

You will have to jump across into this room (or fly if you have a jetpack).  Once you do, hit the secret exit symbol, and it is on to "Spin Cycle".

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