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Spin Cycle
Episode 2, Level 6 (Secret Level)

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Spin Cycle is a very small level.   It is named the way it is because the overwhelming majority of the area in this level is a giant rotating path.  Kind of like the spin cycle in a clothes washer, hence the name.   This level is primarily a Dukematch level, this is borne out by the fact that there are no secrets in this one.  You can play it single player, and we will show you how below, but it can be handled fairly quickly (aside from the level's combat).   The way out of the level is actually in the middle of the level.  The middle of the level is blocked by four doors, that look like this:

You get into the center of the level by opening up various panels, which correspond to the four sections on the outside of the "spin cycle".  You start off the level in one of them, as shown above.  Inside each of these four rooms is a metal door that looks like this.


Open the door and go in.  When you go into the room, two additional small wall panels will drop on either side of a switch.  Go collect the various items that are now available, as you will need them as the level progresses.  They range from ammo to health to other objects.   Once you've done that, you need to flip the switch.  This will open a door in the central area of the level.

Flipping the switch above does open one of the doors, but also reveals quite a few enemies.  Fat commanders, lizard toopers, sentry drones, etc.   You will need to get rid of them, because the next step is inside the room they were in.  This will also introduce you to combat on this level, which can be quite interesting.  If you are standing on the "spin cycle", your shots will rarely go where you want them to go, because they will be bound by the physics of the spin as well.  This works both for and against you.  If you can get behind enemies going backwards on the cycle, their shots will go away from you, and you can shoot at them - assuming you can aim well enough.  If you hover over the "spin cycle" in a jetpack, your shots will go straight.  A nice trick if you have a jetpack.   Anyway, once you have disposed of all the enemies that have come out, you will need to go up into that room.  You will see another switch which will look similar to the one you flipped a few minutes ago.  You need to flip this switch as well.  After doing so, the switch will look like this:

This will appear to have done nothing, however, it is part of a switch group.  You need to flip all four of these switches on the inside of the "spin cycle" before the walls to the inner room are opened.   At this point, you need to repeat the same process above until you have opened up all four doors on the inside of the level, killing the group of enemies that come out, and flipping the switch like shown above.   Since it is an identical process, we will not be repeating the screen captures for all of them, just make sure that all four switches look like the one above.  If you cannot access the inner section of the level, that means that one (or more) of the switches have not yet been flipped. 

The "spin cycle" can be used to create quite humorous moments where literally dozens of enemies are stuck going around in a circle.  If you can lead them on there, there's a good chance most of them will get stuck going around in a circle.  :)

Anyway, once you do open the fourth inner switch, the inner walls will drop, revealing the central room.  Depending on which side of the room you happen to enter on, you may or may not immediately see the exit.   The exit is on one of the walls of the central column of this room, as shown below:

Actually walking into this room will trigger two Battlelords who will drop into the room and pretty much kick your ass.   If you are lucky, and can pull it off, you can use the shrinker on them, and step on 'em.   Or, you can lure them out onto the "spin cycle" (assuming you don't get killed trying), which will get them stuck out there for awhile.  

There are two other ways way to get to the exit that are easier than fighting the Battlelords.  First, you can jump to the exit instead of walking.  Walking on the floor sets off the Battlelords, if you jump to the ledge, it can work, assuming you don't then fall back off onto the floor.  If you have any jetpack power left, you can jetpack over to the exit.  If you never actually touch the floor, the Battlelords will not show up, making things a heck of a lot easier. 

Hitting the exit will take you into Level 7, "Tiberius Station" (the next "regular" level). 



Spin Cycle Secrets

There aren't any!   This level does not have any secrets in it, so don't waste your time looking for any!

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