Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Tiberius Station
Episode 2, Level 7

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Tiberius Station starts off in a small confined room with a slimer egg in front of you.  Do nothing, and the slimer will eventually kill you.   So take it out immediately.   You need to break out the grate in this room, and jump out, leaving you in a control room.  Going forward into the control room you will see two different kinds of switches.   The one on the right merely turns the lights on in the next room.  The small one to the left opens the door in front of you where you will need to go to progress in the level.

Before you go through there, you may wish to pick up some supplies.  When you first jumped out of the vent and into the control room, you may have seen two paths that lead off to the left and right.  If you take the left one, you will end up near a switch that looks like this:


Flipping this switch will open a door on the other side of the room (that you cannot see from your current location).  Jump out of the window, and run over there, and get in before the door closes on you.  You can pick up some ammo in here.  Likewise when you finish with this room, there is a similar switch/door combination on the other side of the room which will allow you access to further supplies and health.  Grab all of that, and then proceed through the door in the middle of the room under the Tiberius Station sign.  Immediately to your right inside this door is a switch.  Flip it to turn on the lights.  You'll thank me later.  You will pass a mirror, and when you do, you will come across some lizard troopers.  Take them out, and then go inside the darkened corridor you see in the shot below.

Going in there, you will see an elevator that you will need to use to get up to another control room.  While you're waiting for the elevator, though the much more darkened hallway next to you is filled with slimer eggs that will hatch while you're waiting for the elevator.  Probably best to send a pipebomb down there and take 'em out before they get you.  There's also a water fountain in here you can use to health up if you need to.  Go up the elevator, and you will be inside a control room with some lizard troopers, and the blue key.  Take out the troopers, and then get the key. 

At the end of the room, you see two switches.  The one on the left is another light switch.  The one on the right, however, opens a door that you can see out the window.  Going in there will give you a close quarters battle with two Enforcers.  Also in this room is a Devastator, and an Atomic health. 

Once you leave that room, take out some Octabrains that have now appeared, and if need be, hit the water fountain for a quick health up before progressing.  Head into the next room, which is another large door.  Be quick though, as two tripmines will appear on the other side of the door right after you go through.  Go too slow, and you'll set them off.   There is a huge shortcut to finishing this level here, but more on that later.

A few enforcers are waiting for you in this hallway.   After dispatching them, go under the bridge, and through the door at the end of the hallway.  Once open, you will see a door to your left.  This is a bathroom, which can be helpful in recharging your health (which you can see I needed to by my screenshots here).   If you do go in the bathroom, be aware that several sentry drones will attempt to follow you in there, so they will have to be dealt with when you came out.

One funny note about the bathroom.  In the stall is a lizard trooper sitting on a toilet, which is a redo of the joke from Hollywood Holocaust of the same thing.  Anyway, in doing this walkthrough, I set a trip mine myself outside the bathroom door to try and deal with some of the drones I knew that would be following me.  While I was inside the bathroom, a drone did hit the trip mine and explode.  However, the resultant explosion took out all the lights and the urinals, as well as the toilet the trooper was sitting on.   It made for this humorous screenshot, where the trooper was sitting on a busted toilet with a jet of water shooting out of his backside.  ;)

Once you've finished with the bathroom, head on down the hallway - you will find an Enforcer and a ceiling turret blocking the locked blue key door.  Take them out, and then shoot the barrels at the end of the hallway.  Shooting the barrels will blow out a section of wall that will reveal an RPG for you to pick up.  After that, use the blue key and head through that door.

Once through the blue key door, you will look out upon a room with a lot of sludge on the ground, and several Octabrains and Enforcers in it.  Take them out, and flip the switch.  It will make a safe passage you will need to use to progress into the next section of the level.  However, don't take it quite yet. 

Instead, turn to your right, and grab the boots that are there.  You will then need to jump into the sludge, and submerge.   This is easier if you have scuba gear, but you can pull it off without if you don't dawdle too much.  Once submerged, go down to the other side of the level, where you will see the red key on the ground, along with a couple of Octabrains.   The switch here is a duplicate of the switch above, it will create or get rid of the walkway mentioned earlier.  You do not need to flip the switch under the sludge.   Just get the key, and head back to where you were initially.

Surfacing from the sludge, you will see an elevator that you can use to get out of the sludge, and back up to where you were before you jumped in.  That elevator looks like this:

Head back up top, and go across the path to the other side of the room.  One there, go up on top of the bank of computers, and take the path which leads to small double doors.  You will have several Enforcers and Octabrains to get through on the way, though.  Once you are at the doors:

Open them up, and you will be on top of the bridge you saw earlier in the level.  At the end of this walkway, the red key door is there, use the key you got earlier here.  There is also a turret here to take out.  There may or may not be Enforcers, depending on whether they saw you from the time you passed under here earlier.  A note about the bridge.  When you were below this bridge fighting Enforcers, it is possible that you may have blown out a section of the bridge with some sort of rocket weapon like the RPG or the Devastator.  If this has happened, you can still get over there, but you will have to jump, instead of just walking across.

Once you open the door, some close quarters combat is in front of you again.  When you first open the door, you will see this:

The way out is in a pillar that you cannot see from here that is behind the fire in the shot.  To the left of the fire are several exploding canisters.  Also out of shot is (yet another) Battlelord.  Basically, you need to shoot the canisters, which will open up an area in the pillar you need to use to get out of the level.  The problem is the Battlelord in the room continually will kick your ass while you are trying to get into the small vent in the pillar.   You either need to take him out (not terribly easy), or try and run past him into the vent (not easy either).  Pick your poison here.

After you set off the canisters in this room, several sections will drop, including the section that had the fire.  It is now lower in the floor, and you can see a way out in a vent that is directly behind the fire:

Make your way through the vents here, taking out several slimers in the way.  You will make your way to a reddish section of vent where an Enforcer will be waiting on the other side of the vent grate.  Take him out, and you will be left in a room where the exit is.  There is also a switch that will open the doors and let you back out into the level if you wish to for some reason.

Otherwise, hit the exit button, and be taken to Level 8, "Lunar Reactor".

Tiberius Station Shortcut

Earlier up, a big shortcut was mentioned.  Here's the details on that shortcut.  This only works if you have a jetpack, though.  If you don't have a jetpack, forget it.  Anyway, back when you ran into this screenshot...

You'll notice a vent in the ceiling.  Slimers pour out of here, but if you get up there with a jetpack, and take a right, you will very quickly be behind another vent, but this one looks out into the room with the exploding canisters, and the Battlelord at the end of the level.

You will still have to figure out what to do with the Battlelord and the exploding canisters, but you will have bypassed a huge chunk of the level to arrive very quickly at the end going this way.  It's part of the reason the 3D Realms time on this level is 1:03 when the par time is a much larger 2:30.

BTW, if you didn't know, Tiberius Station was named after the famed fictional character "James Tiberius Kirk" from the original Star Trek.



Tiberius Station Secrets

Tiberius Station has a total of eight secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Hidden Health

At the start of the level, if you open up the left supply room and go in there, you will see two armors.  In between them is a secret wall.  Open up this wall, which will reveal a medkit.  Go in there to collect the medkit and the first secret of this level.

Secret #2: Hidden Shotgun Ammo

When you first entered the door under the Tiberius Station sign, we said you'd want to turn the light on.  This is why.  You can't see the second secret with the light off.  Right next to the light switch is a crack in the wall. 

Blow up the crack, and then jump in the resultant hole in the wall.  The ledge with the shotgun ammo is the actual trigger for the second secret.  You can, however, continue on further past this point and explore the vent system if you'd like, but the actual secret is claimed when you get the shotgun ammo.

Secret #3: Crouching Wall, Hidden Pipebomb

When you go in the darkened corridor below the first control room with the blue key, you will see a water fountain in the middle of the hallway.  From this point, if you turn around 180 degrees, and walk into the wall, you will go into a secret room that contains some pipebombs.  You do not need to open any doors to get in here, just walk through the wall.

Secret #4: Hidden Shotgun Ammo

When you come out of the third secret pipebomb room, you do not yet want to go through the big door.  To the left of the door that is time controlled from a switch is a secret room.   Go to this section of wall, and "use" it, raising the door.

Go inside this room to collect the fourth secret.  While you are in here, there is a Lizard trooper to take out.  After that is done, you can also get some night vision goggles, ripper ammo, and steroids.

Secret #5: Exit Bridge Left

The next two secrets are just past the locked blue key door.  When you flip the switch just past the door, you will have a path made out of several sections of wall that come together in the middle of the room.  As you start walking across the path, the fifth secret is in one of these areas.  Take a look to your left, and go to where "X Marks the spot" in the shot below.

Jumping into the sludge will submerge you somewhat.  Surface again, the secret is on the surface.  "Use" that secret wall, and a small room will open up that you can enter for the fifth secret, and a couple of RPG ammo packs.

Secret #6: Exit Bridge Right

The sixth secret can be found in almost the exact same manner as the fifth.  From the same exact spot you jumped off the bridge for the fifth secret, you need to turn right to see the similar place, only this time facing right.  Again, "X Marks the Spot".

Jumping into the sludge will submerge you somewhat.  Surface again, the secret is on the surface.  "Use" that secret wall, and a small room will open up that you can enter for the sixth secret, and a couple of Atomic healths.

Secret #7: A Walled in Jetpack

Once you actually cross the path from the fifth and sixth secrets, you will go up a small elevator.  After some combat in this hallway, you will see a large (and more obvious than most) crack in the wall.  Blow it up, and head in there to pick up a Jetpack.  The actual trigger for the secret is not the jetpack.  Continue on a little further into the now hole in the wall leading to a previous part of the level.

Secret #8: Using the Jetpack

The final secret in this level is somewhat more annoying than most, as not only is it a time trigger door secret, but you also have to use the jetpack from the last secret to fly from one place to another in a short period of time.  This shortcut involves a vent we've touched on a few times already this level.  It's this one:

When you exit the seventh secret area, you will come out right near this vent.   Use your jetpack to fly up in there, and then turn it back off.  You will not trigger the door if you are using the jetpack.  Once inside, turn around and look back out the vent you just went in.  If you back up a bit, and then peer out the vent once more, you will see a door that has opened near the ceiling across the hallway.  Now you need to turn your jetpack back on again and fly in there.

Once in there, you will see an RPG in the middle of a section of vents.  Go collect the RPG to be awarded the eighth and final secret for this level.  The switch in here allows you two exits from this area.  The way you came in, or another way, which leads to the bridge going to the red key door.  Your choice.

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