Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Lunar Reactor
Episode 2, Level 8

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Lunar Reactor is a fairly large and complex level.  There are several sections to it, and they all lead through the central area of the level, which I'll refer to as the "Hub", as it really is the "hub" of all the activity that goes on.  You start off in the tiny little room in front of you.  Exit the room (grab the shotgun in a small door right after stepping out), and then turn on the lights with the switch shown below:

Once you do this, take a left, and head down the hallway with a big "04" on the wall.  This is the only door that is not locked by one of the colored keys.  Open the door..


That will lead you into a bathroom.  This bathroom will be your friend as you get into some combat later, as it can be used to retreat to when you are low in health.  The various water spouts in here from broken facilities can be used for a cheap healthup.   Anyway, in the third from the left stall, you will encounter another Lizard trooper sitting on the toilet.  Take him down, and then blow up the toilet, as behind it is the blue key.   Go grab it.

Exit the bathroom, and go straight down the corridor to the blue key door.  On the way down there you will have to fight a few enemies.  Each time you do something behind one of the locked key doors, and then re-enter the hub, more aliens will have spawned.   Go down to the blue key door (also marked "Crew Quarters") and use the key.

When you go through the room, you will see a Battlelord blocking the actual entrance door to the crew quarters.   You can't really run by him, you will have to take him out.  When you do take him out, take a jump up into the vent shown here.  There's an Atomic health in the vent if you need a boost.

Make your way into the actual crew quarters were several aliens will be waiting to try and kill you.  After you take them all out, you will need to make your way down a narrow path to progress.   There are a couple of cracks in the walls here in the crew quarters, but they do not indicate any kind of secret.  Blow them up if you wish, but it will not gain you anything except a few extra holes in the wall.  On the right side of the room you will see a flashing red light in a hole in the wall above a "Danger - Flammable" sign (as seen below).

That is the way forward.  Jump in there, and you will end up in a rather small area at the bottom of that shaft.  There is a switch here.  It will move the walls in front of you out of the way for a VERY SHORT amount of time.  It is during this time that you need to make your way forward.  DO NOT TAKE TOO LONG, or you WILL get squished.  Anyway, you want to make your way into the broken vent you can see in front of you here.

Going through the second side of the vent will leave you on a ledge overlooking an extremely huge drop.  The way to go is down where the two lizard troopers are shown below.   If you happen to have a jetpack, you can fly down there that way, or you can jump, it is a makeable jump.  It will hurt, but not near enough as it will if you fall all the way to the bottom of the chasm.  BTW, if you do happen to jump all the way to the bottom of the chasm and not die, there is a jetpack down there on the floor you can find and use to get back up (this takes almost 200% health and 100% armor to survive, though, and you barely do).

Take a jump down to that ledge (make sure run is on), and when you do, grab the yellow key.   After picking up the yellow key, make your way down the hallway, but when you get to a certain point, you need to back out as quickly as possible, as the entire thing will collapse, killing you if you are still in there.

Once you have waited for the hallway collapse to finish, you will notice that a hole will be left in the wall.  You want to take the path that is beyond this hole.  Don't walk through here too slowly, there is a broken part on the floor of the vent that goes over the giant cavern.  If you go too slowly, you will fall through and down to the floor, likely dying in the process.

When you make it to the top of the vent path, you will find yourself on an area where there is a river of slime.  This is actually underneath the path earlier in the level where you fought the Battlelord outside the crew quarters.

Make your way down the river of slime (after taking on some Octrabrains), and you will see a rotating gear at the end of the river.   That is where you want to go.

Make your way through the gear by going around the left side.  This will leave you in a computer room where you can get the red key after some Enforcer combat.

Once you get the red key, you need to make your way back out past the gear.  As you make your way back up the slime river, you will see a door on the left wall that you likely missed when you came down here.  Take this path.  At the top is the place you need to use the red keycard.  Doing so will leave you back in the hub at the start of the level.  Once you make your way back to the hub, you can explore the vent system if you want.  If you did this earlier, you will find several places blocked off that are now opened.  There are various healths and ammos in the vent system for you to find if you wish.  Once you're done with that, make your way back to the hub and head to the yellow keycard door, and unlock it.

Going through this door will reveal several things, but the most immediate problem is yet another Battelord.  You can get by here by ignoring him, but it will hurt to do so, you might as well take him out.

After you defeat the Battelord, you will see a stairwell that you can go both up or down on.   You want to go upstairs first.   Upstairs isn't necessary to complete the level, but there is some health and ammo you can use if you are low.  Either way you go on the stairs, there are Enforcers waiting for you, so you will have to deal with them as well.   Once you're done upstairs, you will want to go downstairs and into the main reactor room.

The main reactor room is initially dark.  The control area on the far side of the room is where you want to go, but on your way there (and when you get close), rather a lot of troopers and Enforcers will spawn, giving you a lot of combat in this room to deal with.

After all the combat dies down (there will be a lot of it), you can make your way to the control room area.  You will see two switches.  The one on the left turns the lights on (which would have been more helpful BEFORE the combat), and the other drops the central tower, revealing the reactor itself.

Once you lower the core shield, you need to fire a rocket weapon into the core to destroy it.  You really do NOT want to stick around when you do this, as the resultant explosion is quite large, and will almost certainly take you out.  You might want to make your way through the door you used to enter this room, and destroy the core from there.  Likewise, once you blow up the core, it will open up the door in the back of the control room area, revealing a fat commander.  If for some reason the explosion doesn't get you, the fat commander will. 

A side note, why someone would build a reactor core, and leave the means of its destruction right next to the switch to expose the core doesn't make much sense to me.  :)

Poor core safety issue aside, once you do destroy it, and take out the fat commander, you want to make your way through the door that is now open behind the core control room area.

You will want to go down this hallway towards the mirror.  However, once you pass a certain point, the hallway will start exploding behind you.  This is bad, because there's a fat commander guarding the door while all this is happening, so you need to quickly deal with the fat commander, and then wait by the door that is around the corner of the hallway.  You don't want to open it quite yet, because..

There is one final fat commander waiting to shoot you in the face as he guards the exit.   Take this last guy down....

.. and hit the exit button.  You will be taken to Level 9, "Dark Side".



Lunar Reactor Secrets

Lunar Reactor has a total of seven secrets.  Given the size of the level, you'd expect more than that.  Anyway, the secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

A note about the secrets in this level.  Numbers three and four virtually require the use of a Jetpack to get them.  However, if you do not have a jetpack coming into this level, forget about getting one, as there isn't one in this level.  Actually, that's not technically true.  There is a jetpack in this level, but the only way to get to it is by flying to it with another jetpack.   Three and four are rather hard to do without the jetpack.  You want one. 

Secret #1: Behind the Walls

When you drop down into a sewer looking area from the crew quarters, you have to make your way through a vent as shown below.  To get to the first secret, you need to go to the other area shown in the shot to the right of the vent.   Once you get there, the walls will return to their original position, allowing you access to the area behind one of the walls.

Be careful back here, as the steam jets in the water will hurt you when you run into them.   Anyway, you will see a sign on the wall that says "Danger - Flammable".  To the left of this sign is a hidden door.  Go up to it, "use" the door, and a secret area will open up.

Going in this room will reveal two Atomic healths and will give you the first secret in this level.   You can get back out the way you came in - that small recessed compartment contains another switch which will move the walls similar to the first one in the step of this.

Secret #2: Secret Computer Health

When you are on the top part of the ledge right before the jump down to the yellow key, you'll want to wait.  If you turn around, you will see two computer banks here.  The one on the right contains a secret area behind it.  Go in there to collect the ammo, health, and the second secret.

Secret #3: Use the Force, Luke

When you come out on the ledge for Secret #2 there will be a turret shooting at you from the left.   You will want to take it out, as it will really get in the way.  Once you've done that, you need to make sure your jetpack is selected, then jump off the ledge in the general direction of where the turret was.   After a short fall, you will see a cavern in the side of the wall over here, turn on your jetpack, and fly in here.  If you wait too long, you'll hit the bottom and die.  Assuming you're looking the right way you should see the cavern within two seconds.  If you fall for more than that, you've missed the cavern, you can either let yourself die, or turn on the jetpack and fly back up to the cavern.  It looks like this from the outside:

Go inside the ledge, and turn off your jetpack to conserve its power.   As you make your way further back into the cavern, you will find a lightened room.  Enter this room to collect the third secret for this level.

This is one of the game's popular media references, recreating the scene from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes back where Luke is hung upside down from a cave, only here he didn't quite make it.  It prompts a Dukeism when he sees it.   If you wanted to fly back out, you could, but the other way out is through the back wall of this room.  It is a secret room with a teleport in it.  Go through the teleport, flip the switch there, and exit out of the door, which will leave you on the ledge next to where the yellow key is.

You can get to this without a jetpack, but it's rather difficult.  If you know the exact spot where the ledge is, you can jump off from above, and hug the wall, and you will end up in the cavern.  However, it will do some big time damage, plus finding the exact spot is not easy.  You want the jetpack.  :)

Secret #4: Platform around the side

The fourth secret is in the giant chasm where the last secret was.  If you turn around and look the other way, you will see a vent that crosses the chasm a little further up.  If you fly over that way with your jetpack and go past the vent, you will see another cavern in the wall. 

Flying in there will get you some RPG ammo, an Atomic health, and an armor.   It will also get you the fourth secret on this level.  

There actually is a way to get to this secret without the jetpack, but it isn't easy; neither is getting back.  The secondary way requires the use of steroids.  If you get on top of the vent path as shown below, use the steroids, run and jump, you can make it into the hole.   Jumping back requires you to still be using steroids (so go quick), and jump back on top of the vent.  Trust me, the jetpack is a lot easier.

Secret #5: Yet another Fake Computer Panel

In the room where you get the red key, you will see several computer panels.  In a move that should not surprise you by now, one of them has a secret room behind it.  It is the one specifically to the the right of where you pick up the red key.  Open it to collect some freezer ammo and a Holoduke.

Secret #6: Raised Ledge Left

The sixth secret can be found in the main reactor room at the end of the level.  Once you've gotten past the combat here, make your way around the outside of the room, and you will see a ledge on the left side of the room behind a wall.  Jump up there to collect the sixth secret.

Secret #7: Raised Ledge Right

The seventh and final secret is virtually identical to the sixth, except it's on the right side of the room, and not the left.  Jump on that ledge to collect the final secret of the level.

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