Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Bank Roll
Episode 3, Level 2

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Bank Roll starts out in an area that closely resembles the end of Raw Meat.  You are in the end of an alley.  Make your way out of the broken well section you are in, and jump into the trash dumpster.  There is a medkit in there, which will help if you are still low on health from the last level.   This part of the level is very straightforward, just fight your way out of the alley, and make your way to the large open area out front of the bank.  

Once you take out any opposition here, you will not want to go into the bank yet, as it is locked.  Instead, go through the door on the other side of the bank.

A flying pig cop car will come up and go after you, but once he is disposed of, make your way through this small area into an elevator.

Once you get up the elevator, several enemies will be here, take them out so you can do what you need to up here.   After you take care of the aliens up here, you will find a desk behind a cubicle.  On the desk is a switch.  Flip it.  A compartment to your left will open, revealing the blue key.

Grab the blue key, and jump out the window (or go back down the elevator if you want the slower, safe way).  When you jump out of the window, if you don't just jump, and slowly fall out, you will land on a ledge that contains several items that can help you.

Once you have collected all the items from the ledge, jump off and head towards the locked door.  Beware of several pig cops hiding out to shoot you.  There is also some Devastator ammo next to the ATM machines around the corner.   Go in the bank and make your way to a room with a desk and a painting in it.

If you go around the back side of the desk, you will see a button.  Push it to unlock the door in front of you that leads to the outer vault area.

Once inside, take out the couple of Enforcers, and you will see a large locked vault door.  That's not where we are going - yet.   You need to get into the smaller vault area, and that requires the completion of a puzzle.   The puzzle is actually more simple than most people realize.  People see the switch with the "1-2-3" behind it, and start trying to use it.  The thing is that makes it harder.  The easy way to get through this puzzle is to kick out the chair that is behind the desk here, and push all three buttons.  Don't mess with the switch on the wall at all!   If you do, then you'll have to continue to fiddle with the wall switch once you've flipped the switches behind the desk.  Anyway, when you get it right, the wall puzzle will look like this, and a door will open into the vault.

This will leave you in a more complicated puzzle - the gears.  There is a sequence of rooms here (alpha - beta - delta - gamma) that when you step on a switch in the middle of the room, the rooms will rotate, leaving you in a different place.   Jump on the first one you see (getting a pair of boots), this will start the chain rolling.  From here, you can go into two rooms.  Left (Alpha) or right (Beta).   You will want to take the left one, and go into Alpha.

Step on the Alpha switch, and the room will rotate, revealing a different exit when it stops.  Make your way into the Delta room, but at this point do not step on any other switches.  Once you get in the Delta room, you will then need to step on the switch, but when you do, keep an eye out on the exit.  As it rotates, you will see an area that looks like this:

That is where you want to go, but the room will not stop rotating there, it will rotate right by it.   You will need to hit the Delta switch again, and as the room rotates by here, jump out and onto this ledge, which has an elevator in it.   Take the elevator up, and you will find a couple of pig cops guarding the red key.  Take them out, and collect the key.  While you're up here, there is a panel on the side wall with a small button next to it.  Push the button to reveal some boots and a jetpack.

After you have the key, head back down the elevator, and flip the switch you see here.  This starts the rooms rotating again, and you can make it back into the Delta room from here.  At this point, make your way back to the vault room by reversing your course you took to get here.   Once you are back at the vault, use the red key to open the large vault door.   Be warned though - inside here is a Battelord, several Octabrains, and numerous troopers.   This is a major fight, so be ready.  You can't skip it, as the way out is through here.


Once the major combat is over, make your way into the room.  If you turn around, you will see another large open wall area that you can make your way into.

From here, you can make your way down the final hallway which leads to the exit.

Hit the exit be taken to Level 3, "Flood Zone". 



Bank Roll Secrets

Raw Meat has five secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here - but the flow of the level sort of makes you want to get them in the order below.   These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Devastating Office

The first secret is related to the blue key.  At the top of the building next to the bank, you have to flip a switch to reveal a blue key.  This switch also opens a compartment behind a painting in the room.  Go into the compartment behind where the painting was to collect the devastator and the first secret.

Secret #2: The ATM Machines

The second secret is the ATM machines in the corner of the exterior bank area.  Both of them will open up and lead to a secret room.  Go in either of the ATM machines to collect a ripper chaingun and the second secret.

Secret #3: Behind the Phone

The third secret is immediately beyond the large locked blue door.  There is a pig cop hiding in the darkness to one side of the entrance.  Once he's gone, you will see there is a switch up near the ceiling. 

Once you shoot the switch, the phone that is behind you will move up, revealing a holoduke in a hidden area.  Grab the Holoduke for the third secret.

Secret #4: Artistic Jetpack

The fourth secret in this level is in the office with a desk inside the bank.  Behind the desk is a painting.  Go up to it, and open it.  This will reveal a couple of health packs as well as a jetpack.  Go in there to get the items and the fourth secret.

Secret #5: The Gamma Gear

The fifth secret is in the gear puzzle.   When you are making your way through them, you will find yourself at some point in the Gamma room.  If the Gamma room is facing the right way, you will see a large red crack in the wall. 

Blow up this crack, and it will reveal a large hidden area.  Go through this area for the final secret in this level, as well as a big shortcut back to the bank vault door.

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