Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Flood Zone
Episode 3, Level 3

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Flood Zone takes place mostly underwater, as its name implies.  The jetpack changes the dynamic of this level a lot, and this particular walkthrough will go through the level without it for the most part.

When you first start out, you are in a rather dark tunnel with some light at the far end.  Once you start forward, an Octabrain will come after you if you hang around on the ledge too quickly.  Also from the start point, if you turn around backwards, there is a compartment in the wall which contains scuba gear.  This will be rather helpful since a lot of this level is underwater.  Make your way to the ledge at the end of the waterfall.   When you do, take a jump down, you will land in water.

Once you land in the water, make your way around the side of the building, and you will see a view like the shot below.  You will want to head to the X on the map, and swim into this area.  Another note about the underwater areas in this level - there are lots of sharks.  While they won't do a lot of damage to you, they can get in the way of the regular shots you may try to take at others like Octabrains, so the sharks are more of a nuisance than an actual threat.

When you make your way into here, you will see a ledge with an Atomic health on it guarded by an Octabrain.  Take out the Octabrain, and you will want to surface from the water in the area right above the Atomic health.

Once you surface, you will find yourself on a the roof of a almost totally submerged building.  At the back of the roof is path leading upwards on the rocks.  You need to make your way over to the bottom of the ledge, and start hopping up the path shown in the screenshot below.

As you make your way up the path, you will encounter a ledge with some Devastator ammo on it, and the blue key.  Take all of this.  From here, you want to jump across to the darkened area in the shot just past the blue key.

Once you jump across into the darkened area, follow the path upwards, and you will end up on top of a roof with the locked red key door.  Doing this will release several enemies on the other side of the level (Battlelord, fat commander, etc), which you will have to take out.  This actually can be done later in the game, but I've found one of the secrets is easier to achieve if you do things in this order.

Once you are done with the combat, take a big jump into the water below.  You will want to make your way to the door on the smaller submerged building.  This is where you use the blue key.

Once inside, there will be quite a few Octabrains in here.  It is not a big room, so be prepared for a lot of close quarters combat.   Once you are past all of that, the yellow key is in the back side of the room.   Go back there, and make your way out of this building.

After you are out of the yellow key building, make your way back to the initial part of the level when you first dropped off the waterfall.   While still underwater, you will see a window that leads into the building.  Head in there, and use the yellow key.  If you surface in this room, there is a medkit over in the corner which can be useful if you are low on health.

Go through the yellow door, and start to make your way down the stairwell.  This is all underwater, and very dark, so if you have the night vision goggles, use them, it will help you out.  On the way down the stairwell, you will run into an Octabrain.   Additionally when you reach the bottom, there is an elevator across the hallway with another Octabrain that will attack you.  Be careful, as rocket weapons in this area will usually result in you shooting your own face off.  The shrinker is a good choice here if you have it.

At the bottom of the stairwell, you will come out into an office room with several Octabrains you need to take out before you progress.  After you've done that, you will see a switch near the (closed) windows.  Shoot that, and the windows will open, revealing the previously visited outer area.  However, the red neon sign on the far wall will have risen, revealing the red key.  Grab that, and you will need to head back up to the top of the level where the locked red key door was that you encountered earlier (assuming you followed the order of this walkthrough).

Once you make it up to the red key door this time though a new wall near the red key door will open up revealing a few more fat commanders for you to deal with.  Once you've finished with that, go unlock the red key door.  Inside the red door is bunch of crates with another section of rock face and all behind them.


Make your way through the crack in the wall shown above.  Take out the Octabrains in here, and make your way down the path in here.  You will eventually come to a large drop.  It's QUITE a large drop.  This is what the top of it looks like.

Jump in here, and take a rather long drop.  You will eventually land in water.  Resurface, and the exit is right here.  In a bit of a cheap shot by the level designer, also down here is a turret (on all difficulties other than the easiest).  You may get shot in the back while going for the exit, so look out.

Hit the exit be taken to Level 4, "L.A. Rumble". 



Flood Zone Secrets

Flood Zone has five secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here - but the flow of the level sort of makes you want to get them in the order below.   These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Hidden by Seaweed

The first secret is fairly early on in the level.  When you start the level and make your initial drop into the water, if you keep going downwards, you will see some seaweed against a wall.  It looks like this:

Behind the middle seaweed is a crack in the wall - it is harder to see than most.   Send a rocket that way, and a new room will be revealed.   You will see an area behind a fence with an additional scuba gear if you need it.   This is not the secret, however.

You need to go into the area behind the fence, and surface in the water there.   An additional room will be in here with several Octabrains and slimers.  There is a ledge on the far side of the room.   You need to get up on the ledge there to be credited with the first secret in Flood Zone.  There is also a Devastator weapon on the ledge to get as well.

Secret #2: Empty Secret

The second secret is immediately to the left of the blue key.  When you grab the blue key, the wall to your left is an invisible one.  Jump into it to get the second secret.  There's nothing actually in here, it's just a ledge to shoot out at some Enforcers on a rooftop on the other side of the level.

Secret #3: Hidden Room

The third secret is near the locked red key door.  When you are up there, there is a small ledge off to the side that you can jump off and get to.  It's a darkened area as you can see in the shot below.

Once you get on the ledge, take out the trooper that was here (if you didn't do so already).  Grab the ripper chaingun, and then turn to your right.  The rightmost window is a secret one.  Open it.  Go in the room to claim the secret as well as some chaingun ammo.

Secret #4: Up on the roof

The fourth secret in this level is behind the locked yellow door.  When you enter the locked yellow door, the way through the level's path is down.  However, if you go up, you end up on the roof of the building.  You will see a ledge up here with an Atomic health on it.  Behind the Atomic health is a secret wall.  Open that wall to reveal a tiny room with a jetpack in it.   Go in there to get the jetpack to get the fourth secret.

Secret #5: Crates!

The fifth secret is right past the locked red key door.  You will see a sign on the crates that says "Hard Hat Area".  This is actually a hidden switch.  Go use it, and you will see an area open up on the side of the crates that was not there before.

Going in there will reveal an Enforcer, and some health.  Take out the enforcer, then go grab the health for the final secret on this level.

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