Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Tier Drops
Episode 3, Level 6 (Secret Level)

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Tier Drops is one of the more interesting levels in Duke3D. This level was intended to be a Dukematch level originally, and as such there is no true structured path to completion like other levels.  There is an outer circle with four rooms in the center.  Each of the four rooms has a different look and feel, as you can see by the four shots below.

Each of these rooms has three exits which lead to the other rooms.  They are tubes, or "drops", hence the level's name.  The color of the particular "drop" is indicative of what room you will end up in.  For example, the tube below is in the Alpha room, and if you jump into it, you will end up in the Beta room.

The outer area of the map lets you select which room you want to go in as well, so it is a very free flowing map, well designed for Dukematch.  You can feel free to explore these rooms and their connections if you'd like, but it is not necessary.  The actual path to finishing the level is quite short. 

The level starts with a door in front of you.  Hit the switch to the right of the door and head out.   When you open the door, do not go into the room right in front of you, take a left.

You will come across a sign that says "Beta".  Jump up there, and make your way to the Beta room - the one with the red lava look to it.  Enter the room, and deal with the Fat Commander that is in here.  Once you've done that, make your way up the central column via the ramp of rocks you can see in this screenshot.

Once at the top, grab the Devastator that is up here, and open the doors.   The exit is in here, but so is a Battlelord.  Take out the Battlelord if you can, or if your health is high enough, just run past him and hit the exit before you die.  

If you do this run with steroids from the start of the leve, and don't stop to shoot anything, you can do it around the 10 seconds listed for the 3D Realms time.  The listed par time for this level is 45 seconds, which would happen if you make a run around the entire outer circle collecting the four secrets before you come in here.   Including the four secrets then going for the exit in Beta is about as close to an "intended path" as I can come up with for this level.  :)

Hit the exit and be taken to Level 7, "Rabid Transit" (the next "regular" level in the game).

A special note about the Delta Room is in order. Normally in the game if you kill podgirls, an enemy will spawn as a "penalty" for doing that.  In this room, that concept is taken a lot further.  Normally the game will spawn a lizard trooper or such, but in this room, killing the podgirls will spawn Battlelords!  In a similar vein, the Gamma room will spawn about a dozen Octabrains if you go to the center most part of the room.  You really don't want these things to happen - thanks Levelord!  :)



Tier Drops Secrets

Tier Drops has four secrets.  They are probably the easiest secrets in the whole game to get except for one in "Red Light District".

Secrets #1-4: The Four Corners

This level is one giant rectangle, and in each of the four corners of said rectangle is a secret.  Go to each of the four corners, and you will see a door that looks like this:

Open the door, and go in to collect the various items in each corner room, which will be some combination of health, ammo, and weapons.  When you go into each of the four corners, you will be credited with a secret.  Wash, rinse, and repeat three more times to get all the secrets.

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