Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Movie Set
Episode 3, Level 5

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Movie set starts off with a direct connection (story wise) to the previous one.  At the end of the last level, if you looked out the window in the final room of the level, you would have seen a helicopter.  At the start of this level, Duke falls to the ground, and a plane crashes in front of you (see above).  This is suppsoed to be the same helicopter from the previous level, leading to the Dukeism that starts off this level about it being the second time "those alien bastards have shot down my ride".   The first thing you should do before going into the movie set area is to make your way around the outside here and collect all the items, both weapons and health.  Once you do that, make your way back towards the start of the level, there is a very dark passageway where a couple of pig cops are guarding the blue key.  If you have night vision goggles, you may wish to use them back here.

After collecting the blue key, make your way back outside, and around to the locked blue key door.  Once inside, you will see a room filled with crates, as well as a turret and some "alien bastards" you need to take out.   After doing that, make your way through the "Stage 17B" door.

After going through that door, you will be in the Moon Landing set.  Make your way around to the front, and you will find some Enforcers, and the yellow key.  Grab the key after dealing with all the combat that comes your way in here.

Make your way back to the Stage 17A room, and go up the ramp to the yellow key door.  Open it up and head in.

In this stage is a space shuttle kind of movie set.  Inside the shuttle is the red key.  Go in there and grab it, being mindful of the Enforcers that are hanging out in this area.

Inside the door, there is a small office to the right with a trooper in it, as well as some night vision goggles, and some health if you need it.  Before you exit the room, there is a fire extinguisher on one side of the shuttle.  If you blow it up, a section of wall will be revealed and an Atomic health is in there.  This is not officially a secret area, but if you need the health, go do this.

Make your way back to the Stage 17B room and go to the far wall past the Moon Landing set.  This is where you need to use the red key.

Once inside, you will see a small switch on a control panel right inside the door.  You need to flip the switch so that it shows green.  Also in this room is some hidden RPG ammo (that does not count as a secret).  Go to the back side of the pillar in the middle of the room and open it.  RPG ammo awaits!  After you do that, make your way back to the outside area of this level.

There will be a fat commander waiting for you when you open the door, as well as a Battelord outside.  You could run past them real quick and ignore them if you like, but they will follow you (assuming you don't get killed trying to run past them).   You will need to make your way back to the room where the blue key was way back at the start of the level.   When you get there, you will notice that a previously closed wall is now opened, revealing a downward stairwell, and the exit to the level.

Once you get about halfway down the stairwell, it will collapse behind you, so you will get stuck down here with nothing but the exit.

Hit it and be taken to Level 7, "Rabid Transit".   

There is also a secret exit on this level, which leads you to Level 6, "Tier Drops".   Info on how to get to it is below.



Movie Set Secrets

Movie Set has four secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here - but the flow of the level sort of makes you want to get them in the order below.   These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Hauling Ass for Health

The first secret is one of those "flip a trigger and go run somewhere else before the door closes" secrets.  This time it is in a room directly behind the start of the level.  From the exact start of the level, turn around, and you will see a closed window.  Open it, and you will see a room with a couple of cash registers (and a medkit and enemies).  Once the room is clear, hop in there, and face outwards.

You need to "use" the right cash register.  Once you do that, run out and go around to the darkened room where the blue key is.  If you haven't cleared this room of pig cops yet, do so, and then repeat the cash register thing.  There won't be enough time to get the pig cops and the secret.  Anyway, when you run into this room, you will see a newly opened room that was not previously opened.  Inside there are three Atomic healths.  Go collect them and the first secret of the level.

Secret #2: Behind the sign

If you go over to the crash site, you'll find yourself able to jump up on the wall that is in the shot below.  When you do, you will be able to get on the ledge that is in front of the Duke Nukem movie poster on the wall.  If you walk over to the other side where the "3D Realms Studios" part of the sign is, you can walk through that. 

You will find a ramp inside here.  Go up the ramp to the upper section of this hidden area to be credited with the second secret.  It's a good hiding area in Dukematch, too.

Secret #3: Crates!  Enough with the Crates!

In the room right behind the locked blue key door, you will find a lot of crates.  If you face the box of crates at the bottom of the ramp, and "use" the right most crate on the floor, you will hear a door open.  Some crates have opened above you.  This is a time release door, and one that is MUCH faster than most.  You won't have much time to get up here.  You can get in without the jetpack by jumping on the crates to your left and in here, but you REALLY REALLY have to hurry to do that.

It is however, much easier to do this one with the jetpack.  Turn on the jetpack and fly into the open crates (after dealing with some "Gotcha!" sentry drones) for the third secret of Movie Set.

Secret #4: Behind the Earth

If you go out in front of the shuttle set, you will get to the wall painting of the Earth.   There is a hidden section in the Earth wall here roughly in front of the point of the shuttle.  If you jump in there, you will get credited with the fourth secret of the level.

There is a jetpack in here too.  If you use the jetpack and fly up inside the secret area, you'll come across a short vent with a switch.  Flip the switch to open a wall here.  It will allow you access to the vent system that goes through the entire inside of the level.  This is not a secret, but a good thing to know when playing Dukematch.

There is a problem in the Xbox 360 version of Movie Set in regards to secrets (as well as some public FAQs, too).  The problem is with the number of secrets.  This level only has four, but one place in the game thinks there are five.  There are three places where you can see your secrets progress for the level you are playing.  One is the end level tally screen, the second is in the HUD if you turn on the "Level Stats" option, and the third is in the menus (and looks like the image above).   The problem in the Xbox 360 version is the display code that generates the stats graphic above thinks there are five secrets in the level.  The other two have the proper number of four.  This is only an issue with the display here, not with the actual tally of secrets, so the graphic shown here of 4/5 is incorrect - it should read 4/4.



Secret Exit to Tier Drops

This level has a secret exit, which will take you to the "Tier Drops" level.   The way to it is in the Lunar Landing (17A) Movie Set.  Go over near the rocket.  You will see red letters saying U S A.  If you press on the "A", it will open up a door to your side.

Hit the secret exit symbol, and it is on to "Tier Drops".

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