Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Rabid Transit
Episode 3, Level 7

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Rabid Transit takes place mostly in a subway track and stations.  You start off in one of the outer rooms of the subway.  Make your way down the jagged rocks, and go through the rotating door into the bookstore area.  As you move around in this area, enemies will spawn, so take them out. 

When you first clear out this room, you will see the train tracks, but you will want to turn around and deal with some pig cops.  If you do not, you will most definitely get shot in the back.

After you've cleared out the train station platform, you can turn your attention to the trains.  First off, there are several tripmines which block your path into the trains.  Take 'em out with a pipebomb or a rocket.  

A few notes about the train tracks.  The train tracks themselves will not hurt you, you can quite easily stand in the tracks.  However, the same cannot be said for the trains.  If you are in there and a train comes by, it will kill you.  There are two two-car trains that go around the tracks, they follow each other fairly closely, so a large gap happens after the second train leaves the station and before the first one arrives again.  This is done so you can do the various things you need to do on the "tracks".   Sometimes you can have a train hit you, and you will end up INSIDE the train, but that is a Build engine oddity, you can't plan for that if a train is coming towards you.

When you're ready get on one the second train.  The reason you don't want the first train is a move you have to make requires you to jump off the train, and if you miss, the second train will follow up quickly and crush you.   Once you get on the train, it will start going around the tracks.  It will pause at the other station as it makes its rounds.  That station is where you will eventually go with the blue key, but that's not where you want to go right now.  There are pig cops on the station, so while the train is paused here, you may need to fight a couple of them.

The blue key can be found on a platform between this location and the main platform from earlier.  If you have a jetpack, you can get up there easy enough, but if you do not, the way up is to jump off the train to the right side as it passes by the platform (it is too high to just jump to from the tracks). 

Once up on the platform, you will have to combat a few Enforcers.  Completing that task will give you unobstructed access to the items up here - the blue key, a medkit, and some ammo.   You will need to make your way back to the blue door.  It is not advisable to run towards the trains, it is best to run in the same direction they are going.  You can try jumping onto the train as it comes by again, but that usually results in immediate death.  Your best choice from here is to jump onto the tracks, and run to the right.  Make your way back to the original platform, and get back on the train again, going back to the blue key station.  Running completely over there on the tracks is an option too, but you will generally get run over by trains that way.   Whatever way you get there, use the blue key to open up the door, and it will reveal more of the secondary station:

Once inside the station, make your way to the far end, and go around the corner.  There is a water fountain here you can use to health up if you need to.  Take a look up the stairs, but don't actually go up there.   At the far end, you will see something that will look like this (if you could get close enough without dying):

The reason you don't want to go up here is two fold.  First, about halfway up the stairs a Battlelord will spawn behind you.   Second, when you do get up here, all the exploding canisters will get set off, likely killing you.   Your best best is to shoot a rocket up there to blow up all the canisters.  This will then spawn a few Octabrains; head back out onto the platform to take them out.  STAY OFF THE STAIRS, or you'll be adding a Battlelord to the mix!

Once you've taken out the Octabrains, you will notice a new hole has opened in the wall.  Depending on how your Octabain combat went, you may have already released him, but if not, a Fat Commander will come after from behind the newly opened area.  

Once you take care of him, jump up into the hole, and turn to your right.  A red key is here.  Take it.   There is a room behind some fire here with some additional ammo to take.  Again, stay off the stairs unless you want a Battlelord to fight!

The door for the red key is on the inner wall of the train tracks on the opposite side from the platform where the blue key was.  You cannot get to it while on a train, so this next part requires you to run around in the tracks.  Make sure you time your run well so you do not get run over by a train.   Find the red door on the tracks, and get in there!

Once inside, it will reveal a circular room with a few Fat Commanders.  Head down either stairwell to get to the bottom where you will see a pool with a podgirl on the other side.   If you happen to take out the podgirl during your Fat Commander combat you're going to add about half a dozen Octabrains to the mix.  :(

There is a huge crack in the wall at the end of one of the large bookshelves here.  Normally this indicates a secret, but this time it does not.  If you blow it up, a large explosion will be set up.  Once it dies down, you will see that this merely opens up a shortcut to the train tracks.  It is primarily meant for Dukematch play.   You will now need to go into the water and submerge.  Down here are a few Octabrains to take out.  After that, there is a small opening at the far end of the room.  Take it, and surface, you will be in front of the exit.

Hit it and be taken to Level 8, "Fahrenheit".



Rabid Transit Secrets

Rabid Transit has six secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here - but the flow of the level sort of makes you will likely want to get them in the order below.   These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Red XXX

In the initial train station, you will see a set of three "XXX" newspaper boxes.  If you stand on the left hand one, it will lower into the floor, and the resultant room contains a Holoduke.  Go in there to get it as well as the first secret.

Secret #2: Oh look - another secret sign!

On the train station there is a big Lunar Apocalypse sign.  It is a secret area.  Go and open the sign, go in there and get the ripper chaingun, and the second secret.

Secret #3: Crack in the Track

The third secret is in the train tracks.   In-between the primary station and the blue key station is a small square compartment in the wall.  To the right of this is a crack.  It is far more noticeable with night vision goggles on.

Blow up the crack with some sort of rocket weapon, and it will reveal a room with an Atomic health and some Devastator ammo.  Go into this room to collect the third secret, and have the train whiz by you.

Secret #4: Standing on the Box

The fourth secret is on the extended platform behind the blue key door.  At the far end of the platform is a "US Post" blue mailbox.  If you jump up on top of it, you can reach the "No Loitering" sign.  That is a secret door.  Open it and reveal some RPG ammo.  Take it to get the fourth secret.

Secret #5: Girls Gone Wild

The fifth secret is right next to the fourth - in fact, you can see the fourth from the entrance to the fifth.  At the bottom of the stairwell on the blue key platform, there is a secret wall.  Open it to reveal another room.  Merely going in the room will grant you credit for the secret, but there is more to see in here.

At the far end of the room is a control panel with a picture of our galaxy on it.  At the right side of the screen is a switch (unlike any other switch seen in the game so far).  If you flip this switch, it will raise a small map of the Earth out of the panel, as well as opening a door to your left, revealing three captured podgirls.  In the podgirl room is a Devastator and some ammo.  This room with the podgirls doesn't count as a secret, though.

Secret #6: Behind the bookshelf

The sixth secret in this level is behind the left bookshelf in the large pool room right before the exit.  There are two ways to get to it.  One is the easy way with a jetpack.  The other way can be done, but is much harder.  If you come to this area with no jetpack, and no steroids, you can't get to it.  Likewise if the large vase in-between the bookshelves gets blown up, you also can't do it.   The harder way is to stand on the small box on the floor, use the steroids, jump on the vase, and then onto the bookshelf top.  Trust me, the jetpack is easier.   Either way, once you're up there you need to be on top of the right bookshelf (if you got up here with a jetpack turn it off, the secret won't get set off with the jetpack on).  Going up there will cause the left bookshelf to drop into the floor, revealing a secret area with several healths and some Devastator ammo.  It is also guarded by a few Enforcers.

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