Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Episode 3, Level 8

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Fahrenheit starts off in a rock face similar to the end of Rabid Transit.   Go forward and there is a dumpster in your way.  Push it, and it will move out of your way.  From here, you want to jump on the three trashcans you see below, and get up in the moving water up there.   Pig cops and troopers will shoot at you while you do this, so you may want to take them down first.

Follow the water until it stops moving.  Once that happens, you can submerge.  Doing so will put you face to face with a couple of Octabrains.   Get past the Octabrains and surface on the other side of the room here.  When you do, you will see the blue key, as well as a medkit.  Unless you are in desperate need of health, it is probably best you do not take the medkit now.  You will need it for the end of the level.  Take the blue key and head back to where you were before you jumped in the water.

Once back at the start, you will see a ramp going downwards to the blue key door.  Once there, open it up and make your way through.

You will be left off in a room full of crates, as well as several troopers and sentry drones.  Take everything out, and then you will need to make your way up the crates.  You do that by jumping upwards. 

Once you're on the top of the crates, some more troopers and drones will come after you, so it's some delicate combat here, otherwise you're falling back down to the ground.  On top of that, two pig cops inside the apartment are going to be shooting at you as well.  Once you've cleared out the mess, make your way into the apartment window.

Once inside the apartment, you can take in some television for awhile, but when you're done, blow up the large crack in the wall.  It is not a secret, but a shortcut back to the start of the level. 

Go through there, and head back to the (now open) blue door.  A previously closed door will now be open leading you to the radio station / fire engine part of the level.  You will be attacked by a turret, a few Enforcers, and possibly another Fat Commander around here, so be careful.

For now, go past the radio station area, and head around the corner to the fire truck area.   There will be plenty of pig cops and Enforcers in this area to take down. 

After you take out the initial wave of alien bastards, go to a slot on the wall marked "First Aid".  There will be a medkit in here, which you will probably need at this point.  When you do that, it will reveal another pig cop or two on the other side of the fire truck, as well as a large crack in the wall.  You will need to open up the crack in the wall to proceed further.

After you get through the hole in the wall, you can pick up some shrinker ammo at the bottom of the stairwell.  Make your way up the stairwell towards the Atomic health you can see.  As you turn the corner in this hallway, a couple of Fat Commanders will launch rockets your way from the far side of the hallway.  If you have any rocket launchers or Devastator ammo now, that would be a good weapon to use.  If not, the shrinker is a good alternative.

After making your way completely around the hallway, you will find the yellow key, as well as a switch.  Flipping the switch will lower the wall that the yellow key is on.  Grab the yellow key, and go through the pole area back to where the firetruck is. 

Make your way out of the fire station, and head over to the front door of the KTIT radio station.  That is where the yellow key door is.   Open the door, and you will be immediately attacked by a couple of Enforcers, who are a prime target for Duke's weapons.

Once inside, there is a large stairwell.  Make your way up to the top, and you will come to a room where there are three ways you can go.  One is a single closed door, one is a double closed door, and the third is an open door.  Go into the open door area where a trooper will come out and attack you.

Once inside the room there is another trooper to take out, as well as a Devastator you can get.  However, that's not the end of what you need to do here.  In the far corner of the room is a closed metal door.  Open it up, and it will reveal the red key.

After getting the red key, you can make your way out of the level, but there's one of the more infamous Dukeisms here.   Leave this room, and head back to the closed double doors.  Open them, and it will reveal the broadcasting room for the radio station.  If you go up on the stage here and "use" the microphone, one of the better Dukeisms will be heard. :)

After you are done with the broadcast room, you need to exit the radio station.   You can either go back down the stairwell, or you can open the single closed door which leads to the roof where you can jump off.  Your choice.

Either way, you need to make your way back to the start of the level again, and follow the water path like you did at the start.   Make your way through the water path, and submerge. 

You will come up at the red key door.   If you did not take it earlier, take the medkit, YOU WILL NEED IT!!   Open the red door.  Behind it are several troopers and a Battlelord!  If you are playing on the easiest level, the Battlelord is not here, making it easier.  However, for all the other difficulty levels, you are going to have some tight combat here.   The way out is in this room behind all the action, so it's very unlikely you can skip it.

If you do not have a ton of health and ammo, your best bet might be to shrink the Battlelord.  You can then take him out with a step of your boot, otherwise it's a lot of submerging and surfacing in the water to get some shots off while the Battlelord is not shooting at you.

Once you are past the Battlelord, you will need to blow up the giant crack in the wall in this room.  If you have run out of rocket weapons, the small compartment in here has a rocket launcher you can get by pushing the button.

After the explosions have settled down, make your way up the new area in the wall.   You will end up at the exit, which is back here. 

Hit it and be taken to Level 8, "Hotel Hell".



Fahrenheit Secrets

This level has just four secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here - but the flow of the level sort of makes you will likely want to get them in the order below.   These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Apartment Painting

Once you get inside the apartment, there is a painting on top of the sofa.   The secret area is behind here, but there is a "Gotcha!", as a turret is in here.  Take out the turret.  Once you've done that, go into the secret area to get a freezer and the first secret of this level.

Secret #2: Breaking the Glass

The second secret is also in the apartment.  To the right of the television is a rack of various bottles and glasses.  If you blow up all of them, you can then pass through into a secret area.  You can take out the glass by hand with the foot or a pistol or something, but a rocket/pipebomb is way faster.  There is a medkit back here along with the second secret.

Secret #3: The Red Key

The third secret is a pretty cheap one, and is tied with the vent in Red Light District as the easiest secret.  You cannot NOT get this one, as getting the red key requires you to enter this room and get a secret.

Secret #4: Don't Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

The final secret is in the broadcast room in the radio station.  If you go through the red curtain, you will be given the fourth and final secret of this level.


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